1976 SSPC #220 – Larry Hisle (Twins)

1976 SSPC #220 Larry Hisle

Larry Hisle… played 14 seasons in the Majors with the Phillies, Twins and Brewers.  He was a Topps Rookie All-Star with the Phillies in 1969, was a two-time All-Star, lead the AL in RBI in  1977 and had 3 consecutive seasons with at least 96 RBI before a rotator cuff injury cut short his career.

In 1976, Larry Hisle… was 4th in the AL with 96 RBI.

Do you suppose… That’s Tony Oliva in the background over Larry’s right shoulder? You can’t really see his face, but that could be #6 on his back.

Shea-o-meter: Are you ready for a shock? THIS AIN’T SHEA! It’s original Yankee Stadium.
Shea:  40
Pretty sure it’s Shea:  7
Can’t tell:  7
Not Shea:  6

The Twins started wearing powder blue road unis in 1973, and 1973 was the last year for the original Yankee Stadium… So guess which year this photo was taken?

Betcha didn’t know… Larry Hisle was a Cardinal for one month.  He was acquired from the Dodgers in October, 1972 and traded to the Twins in November, 1972.

Cardboard History: His 1972 card lists him with the Dodgers, but he spent the entire year in AAA Albuquerque.  His 1973 card, which shows him with the Twins, has the same “looking up to the sky so you can’t see the cap logo” photo as the 1972 card.

His 1977 O-Pee-Chee card has the same photo as his 1977 Topps card, but it’s cropped much tighter.

1976 SSPC #220 Larry Hisle back


3 thoughts on “1976 SSPC #220 – Larry Hisle (Twins)

  1. That very last section of the upper deck, above Hisle’s ear… are those seats covered? I can’t see it well on my iPad and I can’t find a bigger image of this card but that wouldn’t surprise me. My Dad and I would sometimes move over there late in games to be closer to the subway and I remember clowns dropping stuff down on the Yankee bullpen which was right down below between the lower section and the bleachers. They also liked to throw stuff out at Roger Maris in right field but that’s another story.

    • I went and pulled out the card, and yes, it looks very much like those seats are covered. It’s a little too uniform to be empty seats, and you’d think that SOMEBODY would be sitting over there, even if just to get foul balls.

      People in Yankee Stadium threw stuff at Roger Maris? I love hearing anything that runs counter to THE GLORIOUS HISTORY OF THE NEW YORK YANKEES AND THEIR DEDICATED FAN BASE!

  2. I saw firecrackers, coins and (I swear this is true…I wish my Dad were alive to verify) a grate from a small Hibachi-type grill. How (much less ‘why’) someone had that in the right field grandstands I’ll never know. Mostly though they just yelled stuff.

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