2014 TSR – But My Catcher Derek Is An Hairy Man, But I Am A Smooth Man

It’s not every day I paraphrase a Bible verse, but I wanted to in this case partially because it’s a fairly silly Bible verse, but also because it seemed fitting given how excessively hairy A’s catcher Derek Norris has become. Norris is a third-tier player collection of mine because I saw him play a couple of times in the minor leagues… but that’s not why he’s got a custom.
2014 TSR #46B Derek Norris
The reason he’s got a custom is because of something he did against the Nationals this past Sunday. Twice in that game he hit a three-run homer after going 3-0 in the count. Both homers were against Gio Gonzalez. I don’t have anything against Gio, it’s more the background of both players that makes this feat notable. Derek Norris used to be a Nationals prospect, but he was traded to the Athletics as part of a package for an established Major League starting pitcher.

That pitcher? Gio Gonzalez, of course. It’s worth noting that the A’s also picked up Tom Milone and Brad Peacock in that deal; Peacock was later traded to the Astros.

Yu Darvish has recently proved himself to be custom-worthy…
2014 TSR #200 Yu Darvish
Not only did he come within one out of no-hitting the Red Sox, he also broke Kerry Wood’s record for the fastest trip to 500 strikeouts (401.2 innings).

I’ve heard the “Facts Of Life” are all about Yu, and I’m pretty sure I’ve made that joke (such as it is) before.

If anyone else wants to say something about Yu, feel free to join in… You did such a fine job with Don Kessinger earlier in the week.

BTW, I would normally feature some Mets and/Orioles cards here, but I’m going to leave that for the weekend, when I plan to feature some of the Mets who represented themselves and their team well in this week’s Subway Series against the Evil Empire.


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