1976 SSPC #258 – Clyde Wright (Rangers)

1976 SSPC #258 Clyde Wright

Clyde Wright… pitched 10 years in the Majors, mostly for the California Angels, as well as three years pitching in Japan for the Yomiuri Giants.

Before pitching for the Angels, he had a 32-5 record in college and a 24-6 record in the minors. Had he been born 30 years later, he would’ve been on countless pre-rookie cards.

He had his best season in 1970, when he was an All-Star and Comeback Player of the Year, finished third in the American League in ERA, no-hit the A’s and set an Angels team record with 22 wins (tied by Nolan Ryan in 1974).

He’s the father of former MLB pitcher Jaret Wright, who played for the Indians, Padres, Braves, Yankees and Orioles from 1997 to 2007.

In 1976, Clyde Wright… was cut by the Rangers just before the season started, and he joined Davey Johnson with the Yomiuri Giants. Clyde went 8-7, 3.32 in 21 games. The Giants won the Central League title, but lost the Japan Series in 7 games to the Hankyu Braves.

A story I’d like to know more about: Wright, Charlie Manuel and Roger Repoz got into a fight in a Tokyo club with some men who turned out to be the East German national hockey team.

Shea-o-meter: Many of the photos in 1976 SSPC were taken in Shea Stadium; Every team came through Shea because the Yankees were temporarily playing in Shea while Yankee Stadium was being renovated. “Can two Major League teams share a ballpark without driving each other crazy?”

We don’t see a lot in the background, but I can tell it’s Shea.
Shea: 41
Pretty sure it’s Shea: 7
Can’t tell: 8
Not Shea: 6

1976 SSPC #258 Clyde Wright back

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5 thoughts on “1976 SSPC #258 – Clyde Wright (Rangers)

  1. Clyde Wright was interviewed by Rob Fitts for “Remembering Japanese Baseball”. He said that the incident you’re wondering about happened at a bar called Byblos in Roppongi. The three of them had been drinking and saw some guys giving a Japanese girl a hard time. So they went over and told the guys to shut up and leave her alone. “Not too long after that, we were getting jacked around the bar!…There were ten or fifteen of them and only three of us”. He said if he’d known they were the East German Hockey players, they never would have started it. “We got our butts kicked around pretty good. They had the slap sticks, and we were the pucks!”

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