2014 TSR – Leaning Against A Wall And Catching My Breath

May, 2014 was not a fun month for me, and I’m happy to see it go (although part of me is saying “What, it’s June ALREADY???”).

At the beginning of the month I saw the storm clouds on the horizon, made up a bunch of customs and uploaded them to the blog for future use – the blogging equivalent of stocking one’s storm cellar. Now that the storm’s blown over, I’m picking up the pieces and trying to remember what I was doing before it all hit the fan.

There were a number of customs whose moments had passed, but I’m not going to let customs go to waste.

This Nate Freiman custom involves my favorite image involving contrasts since the photo I took nine years ago of Walter Young (6’5″, 320 lbs.) standing next to Brian Roberts (5’9″ – yeah, right; 175 lbs.)
2014 TSR #171 Nate Freiman
In case you were wondering, Nate Freiman is 6’8″. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that’s Jed Lowrie (6’0″) standing next to him.

It seems like I should share this Series One card of Phil Irwin with the Pirates…
2014 TSR #14 Phil Irwin
…now that he’s been picked up on waivers by the Rangers. Phil has one single game on his Major League resume; on 4/14/13, he started a game against the Reds, went 4.2 innings, gave up 6 hits and 4 earned runs (7.71 ERA) and got a no-decision in a game where the Bucs were down 5-0 after six innings and put up two big innings to win 10-7

I think I may have had something to say about Josh Willingham at one point.
2014 TSR #129 Josh Willingham

This Grant Green custom had one very important purpose: I hadn’t published any customs of the Angels.
2014 TSR #73 Grant Green
…And, if I’m not mistaken, I still haven’t posted a Brewer.

You know what? Let me get that monkey off my back. Here it is, the first custom made in June, 2014:
2014 TSR #179 Mark Reynolds

OK, now I can forget about whether everybody’s been represented. Whether they’ve been underrepresented is another matter. Take it up with our Customer Relations department at 1-800-SHLABOTNIK. Go ahead and call that number, tell them what you think, and then let me know who actually has that phone #.

 2014 TSR, custom baseball cards,
Mark Reynolds, Milwaukee Brewers, Phil Irwin, Pittsburgh Pirates,
Nate Freiman, Oakland Athletics, Oakland A's,
Grant Green, Los Angeles Angels
Josh Willingham, Minnesota Twins

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