Vintage Cheaper Than Heritage, Part 3

…Continuing a series about vintage cards that I got for $0.25 each, less per-card than 2014 Heritage…

A month or two ago, I wrote about three of my 1970’s sets being less complete than I thought they were. A similar embarassment happened when I, a Mets fan, realized that I didn’t have a complete set of “Miracle Mets” postseason cards from the 1970 set. I’ve had the World Series cards since I was a kid, and I thought I had all of the NLCS cards… I was wrong. This is the first step towards rectifying that situation.
1970 Topps NL Playoff Game 2
The card shows Ken Boswell crossing the plate after hitting a 2-run homer in the 4th inning of an 11-6 Mets victory. Art Shamsky (24) had been on base, and Ed Kranepool (7) was on deck. The Mets would sweep the Braves in 3 games before moving on to the World Series.

Reggie Smith isn’t a Hall of Famer, but he would be a first-ballot guy if they ever created a “Hall Of Very Good”.
1970 Topps Reggie Smith
He was a 7-time All Star, won a Gold Glove, twice lead the AL in doubles, had 100 RBI in 1974, played in 4 World Series and has 6 World Series homers, including 3 in 1977.

The Kansas City Royals had the first overall pick in the 1968 expansion draft, and they chose Roger Nelson from the Baltimore Orioles.
1970 Topps Roger Nelson
Nelson put up some decent numbers for the Royals in 1970 and 1972, while battling shoulder injury during the seasons in-between.

I’ve got a bit more to say about Roger Nelson, but I’ll save it for tomorrow.

Update:  Holy coincidence, Batman!  Today is Roger Nelson’s 70th birthday!  Happy birthday, Roger!

Tommie Sisk spent most of his career with the Pirates, was traded to the Padres just before the 1969 season, was traded to the White Sox just before the 1970 season, was traded to the Indians in June, 1970, but pitched in AAA for the rest of 1970 and all of 1971.
1970 Topps Tommie Sisk

Does anybody recognize where this photo was taken?
1970 Topps Ken McMullen
I’m guessing it’s in Florida, it looks too small to be a standard-issue Major League ballpark.

I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything to say about Ken McMullen himself. He played 16 years in the majors, was a starting player for many of those years.


8 thoughts on “Vintage Cheaper Than Heritage, Part 3

  1. I thought Roger Nelson was going to be a star, or at least a good pitcher in Baltimore. I saw him pitch for the O’s late in 1968, he beat Detroit and I was surprised when he was lost to the Royals in the draft. We only got a season out of him after the deal from the White Sox but we got Don Buford in the trade, too so it was a good one.

    KC had Nelson and one of my favorite O’s, Wally Bunker so I followed them pretty close. Nelson couldn’t stay healthy.

  2. I think this is the next set I will try to complete. Last one to go for a complete run of 70’s Topps sets

    • Wow, you’ve got 1971 to 1979? That’s pretty durn impressive. I’m sorry, if you’ve got 9 sets out of the 1970’s, you HAVE TO get the 1970 set.

      …and then start on Hostess and Kellogg’s so I can live vicariously through you. :-)

  3. I think that’s Fenway on the McMullen card. The current Red Sox ownership has made so many changes to the park that it’s hard to remember what it used to look like.

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