Not Cheaper Than Heritage, But Still Fairly Cheap

I got a few Kellogg’s card at a show, and the main reason I got them was because they were cheap enough to say “What the heck” and throw them on my stack. I mean, they’re Kellogg’s cards in relatively decent (i.e. uncracked) condition, what’s not to like?

This Dan Driessen comes from the 1979 set.
1979 Kellogg's Dan Driessen

You can’t go wrong with the Wizard Of Oz. This is his 1983 card; I’m not wild about this set because the cards are so narrow and the design is pretty “meh”. But it’s still Ozzie, and it’s still Kellogg’s.
1983 Kellogg's Ozzie Smith

Sweet Lou’s card comes from 1973, the one year that the cards weren’t 3-D.
1973 Kellogg's Lou Piniella
American children took up arms, marched into Battle Creek, Michigan and made sure that Kellogg’s never again made such an egregious mistake.

You can tell from the red, white and blue border that this card is from 1976.
1976 Kellogg's Claudell Washington
Claudell Washington played 17 years with 7 different teams, and was an All-Star twice.


2 thoughts on “Not Cheaper Than Heritage, But Still Fairly Cheap

    • I liked Lou as a player as well as as a manager… I missed his time as a Royal, but he falls into the relatively small category of “Yankees I Like”. I really should do a post about that category someday…

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