Archive vs. Archive, Part 1 – 2014

Circumstance played a part in this two-part series. I went to Target to buy a rack pack of 2014 Archives, and I decided to also check out the repacks. There was a “4 packs + 50 cards” repack which featured a rack pack of 2013 Archives – What could I do but buy both, and then do a pair of posts comparing the two rack packs? It was fate, I tell ya, FATE!

Before I get into the cards, I want to mention this year’s wrapper design:
2014 Archives Rack Wrapper
Trying to place where this graphic originally came from was bugging the crap out of me. I recognized it, but could not for the life of me remember where it was from… I remembered it being from a box, but couldn’t remember what year or what type of box. At first, I had thought that the red, white and blue “BASEBALL” meant it was from 1976, but after some online detective work, I found the artwork on the cello boxes of the 1980’s.

I have to say, the wrappers are the best part about Archives. It gives Topps the opportunity to revive some interesting yet relevant artwork.

Anyway, here are the best card I got for each design used in the 2014 set:

This is a pretty decent-looking card; I’d like to see a card of Davis with the Orioles, but I know I’m in the minority on that. 
2014 Archives Eric Davis

This Freeman photo works well with the 1973 design, but…
(takes deep breath) 
…”ATLANTA BRAVES” should be in pink, “FREDDIE FREEMAN” should be in light blue, and the position text should be “1st BASE” and should be uppercase and centered under the logo.  Go check out a 1973 Hank Aaron card for how things oughta be.
2014 Archives Freddie Freeman

I like Altuve, but this is kind of an odd shot, even though the sun coming over his shoulder is an interesting touch.
2014 Archives Jose Altuve
My biggest complaint with this card is the design itself.  I didn’t care much for 1989 Topps back in 1989, why must we suffer through it multiple times this year? 

It just occurred to me that they might be focusing on this set because it’s the 25th anniversary of 1989 Topps. Great, now I feel old.

Jose Reyes was a favorite Met of mine, so it makes me happy that he’s with the Blue Jays (who rank among my top 10 teams) instead of the Marlins (bottom-dwellers).
2014 Archives Jose Reyes
The blue should be a shade lighter, otherwise it’s a nice job.

This is the insert I got, in the Deckle Edge design… The good news is that it’s a Met, and one I’ve always liked.
2014 Archives Deckle Insert Howard Johnson
The bad news is that the card itself is kinda “bleah”. Color photos converted to black and white just never look the same as photos taken in B&W.

This same photo is used on the HoJo autograph card insert, a card that looks a whole lot better than this even though it uses the 1990 design. This Deckle insert goes into my collection with a mental note to purge it back out if/when I get the auto.

Tomorrow, I’ll be featuring the cards from the 2013 Archives rack pack.

2014 Topps Archives, Eric Davis, Cincinnati Reds,
Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves, Jose Reyes, Toronto Blue Jays,
Howard Johnson, New York Mets, Deckle-Edge,
Jose Altuve, Houston Astros

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