Archive vs. Archive, Part 2 – 2013

As I’d mentioned in yesterday’s post, I ended up buying rack packs of 2013 Archives and 2014 Archives during the same trip to Target, and decided to put the two up against each other.

Just a quick thought about Archives… The repack I bought actually contained two packs of 2013 Archives, which is one more than I actually bought in 2013.  If this year’s repacks contain last year’s Archives, that takes a little bit of steam out of the idea of buying packs of this year’s Archives.


I forgot to scan the 2013 Archives wrapper, but here’s the 1971 Topps Super Baseball wrapper it was based on:
1971 Topps Super Baseball Wrapper

As with yesterday’s post, I’m highlighting the best card from each design used, plus the one insert I got.

I like that they gave the Diamondbacks a new color combination… but MAN, that is gaudy.
2013 Archives Ian Kennedy

This card’s not quite as washed-out as it appears on my scan.  I wish that Topps had taken a little extra time to get that Rays wordmark so that all the lines converged on the same hidden infinity point (something I griped about with last year’s minis here).
2013 Archives Ben Zobrist
At least the Rays cards look better than the Marlins (as it should be, now and forever after).

I do appreciate the fact that Archives tends to have photos that feature posed players.
2013 Archives Coco Crisp

I got several cards in the 1990 design, this was the best of a week lot.
2013 Archives David Ortiz
Why they had to use 1990, I don’t know.

Here’s the insert I got… well, it’s not really an insert, it’s a short print:
2013 Archives Dave Lopes
1976 design + photo which could’ve been from 1976 = AWESOME!

For the most part, both packs were “OK but nothing special”, but this Lopes SP is easily the best card of the bunch, and for this card alone I declare 2013 to be the winner of the Archive Rack Pack Competition!

 2013 Topps Archives, Davey Lopes, Los Angeles Dodgers,
Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays, Coco Crisp, Oakland Athletics,
David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox, Ian Kennedy, Arizona Diamondbacks

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