2014 TSR – Among The Best Names In Baseball

I’ve gone ahead and made custom cards for four players that I think have the coolest names in baseball.

What’s that? You were expecting something different?

The other day I was watching a Mets/Padres games, and the Mets broadcasters were talking about Kevin Quackenbush, and then started talking about Dr. Hackenbush, Groucho’s character from the Marx Brothers movie “A Day At The Races”.
2014 TSR #265 Kevin Quackenbush
According to someone in the Mets booth, the character’s name was originally Quackenbush, but then when they found that there were a number of Dr. Quackenbushes around the country, the name was changed to Hackenbush. Maybe our own Hackenbush at Can’t Have Too Many Cards can tip us off as to whether this is true.

Al Alburquerque’s name is spelled slightly differently from the city in New Mexico. Al’s got an ‘R’ after the ‘Albu’.
2014 TSR #283 Al Alburquerque
Apropos of nothing, I believe that “Albuquerque” is one of the finest tracks “Weird Al” Yankovick has put out in the 21st Century… and clocking at over 11 minutes, it may be the longest track he’s ever released.

Reid Brignac hit a walkoff homer the other day, which must have earned him some sort of special warm place of this year’s Phillies fans.
2014 TSR #386 Reid Brignac
Yeah, and they’re trading minor leaguers for Reid Brignac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac
You oughta know by now…

I feel confident in saying that Tuffy Gosewisch is one of the top three Tuffy’s in Major League history.
2014 TSR #221 Tuffy Goeswisch
How many Tuffy’s have there been? Ehrrrrrr… Hey, did you see that World Cup game last night?

 2014 TSR, custom baseball cards,
Tuffy Gosewisch, Arizona Diamondbacks, Reid Brignac, Philadelphia Phillies,
Al Alburquerque, Detroit Tigers, Kevin Quackenbush, San Diego Padres 

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