Useless Information: The Last Guy To Wear #42 For The Dodgers

I forget how I stumbled across this, but I found out a couple of weeks ago that Jackie Robinson was not the last Dodger to wear #42.  That “honor” went to Ray Lamb, who wore it in 1969 after being called up to the majors.  From what I’ve read, he felt uncomfortable wearing the number and switched to #34 for the next season.

1972 Topps Ray Lamb

It looks like this is an airbrushed Dodger uniform, and while you can’t see a whole lot of the number on his back, it looks more like a 4 than a 2, so this photo is probably from 1970. Ray Lamb pitched for the Indians in 1971 and was shown in an actual Indians uniform on his 1971 card, but I guess Topps only had the one photo (…He said, as if Topps had never reused photos before).

As to why Lamb was given #42 in the first place, I couldn’t find anything.  Perhaps it was an oversight, like when the Mets gave out #24 even though it had been unofficially retired for Willie Mays.

Maybe an informed Dodger fan could fill us in on this…?

 1972 Topps, baseball, Ray Lamb, Cleveland Indians,
Jackie Robinson, Los Angeles Dodgers 

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