We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties… #10

I hit upon some ideas for ways to get my blog showing up on Blogger/Blogspot blogrolls again, and this post is mainly a way to refresh my feed and see what happens.

…Which isn’t to say that I don’t have a pair of cool cards to share…

I got this cheap Pete Rose at my last card show, and it wasn’t until I scanned it that I realized that someone decided to practice their forgery skills by tracing over the “signature” with a ball-point pen.
1980 Topps Pete Rose
Shucky darn, and I was going to rush out and get this card graded!

Of similar lesser condition is this lovely 1976 Hostess card of Mr. Steven Patrick Garvey:
1976 Hostess Steve Garvey
The appeal of Hostess cards, for me, is mainly in that they are cards from the 1970’s that I don’t already own.

…So… Am I back on the blogrolls yet?

 1980 Topps, Pete Rose, Philadelphia Phillies,
1976 Hostess, Steve Garvey, Los Angeles Dodgers

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