Hey, Everybody! Somebody Said “Mattress” To Mr. Lambert! …TWICE!

…Now I’ve got to stand in the tea chest and sing...

The thing with being a Monty Python fanatic is that completely unrelated things will trigger a Python sketch in my head. I was looking at some recently-purchased cards, including these two of Pittsburgh Steeler great Jack Lambert, when suddenly I had the “Buying A Bed” sketch pop into my head.
1982 Topps Football Jack Lambert

Jack Lambert is in the Football Hall Of Fame, and as you can tell from these cards, he was in the Pro Bowl.  A lot.  In fact, it was only the first two years of his eleven year career that Lambert wasn’t in the Pro Bowl.

1984 Topps Football Jack Lambert

…But it does mean that when Jack Lambert says he’s two foot tall, he is, in fact, sixty feet tall.

  1982 Topps Football, 1984 Topps Football,
Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh Steelers,
Monty Python 

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