It’s Best To Not Post Anything In The Heat Of The Moment

Anyone who has been keeping up on my nonsense over the past three weeks knows about my frustration with not appearing on Blogger blogrolls.

After countless futile attempts to rectify this, I reached the height of frustration yesterday and wrote up a diatribe directed at Blogger and Google, with intent to publish the next morning. The rant was accompanied by images of these two cards.
1981 Fleer Doug Bird

1975 Topps Doug Bird

…Because I was flipping the… Oh, you know what I’m getting at. My apologies to Mr. Bird for using his image and name in such an uncouth manner.

At any rate, the morning came and I realized that my venting was of extreme disinterest to anyone who is not me, so I decided not to hit that “Publish” button.

The general gist of what I’d written is that I’ve tried everything I can think of, I’m assuming that the problem is out of my hands, and I’m going to put 100% of my blogging focus back on the content.

Thank you for your patience.


5 thoughts on “It’s Best To Not Post Anything In The Heat Of The Moment

  1. Now I have a problem. I haven’t changed any settings yet some of the comments I make or other have made on my blog are not being sent to my e-mail like they used to. What’s up with that? I’ve checked SPAM and they’re not going there.

  2. Was Blogger like this before Google took it over? I’m very tempted to blame it on Google being too big for anybody’s good.

    …and naturally, TODAY my blog shows up on the blogrolls. I should’ve given up trying two weeks ago. :-/

  3. For what it’s worth, I don’t rely on the blogrolls (mine or anyone else’s) for my daily blog reading. In fact, I know I haven’t actually updated my blogrolls in quite some time. Once Google Reader went away, I migrated over to Feedly, and I use that to keep track of all the different blogs I frequent.

    So rest assured that if Google decides to kick you off the blogrolls again anytime soon, you’ll have at least one loyal reader who will still find your new posts!

  4. Over on Five Tool Collector, you linked back to your post on the 1975 Footballers set. I’ve got a number of those as well as some 1978s (the ’78s are generally in better shape). If you could use any, let me know. My handle at gmail.

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