Topps Takeover: The Designs I’m Using For Next Year’s Archives

Back in April I had a series of posts talking about the changes that were going to be made when I purchase Topps… just after I get my millions of dollars from the very nice Nigerian Prince who sent me an email.  (If you want, you can see those posts here, here, here, here and here).

I may still be waiting for my millions – any day now, I’ve been promised – but that won’t stop me from occasionally sharing more of my plans. This time around, I’m going to talk about the four vintage Topps designs I’ll use for next year’s Archives set.

I don’t know if this is Topps’ own plan, but I’m not looking to do Archives with any 1960’s sets for a while. Anything from the early 1960’s has recently been used for a Heritage set, and anything from the late 1960’s will soon be used for Heritage.

…But that doesn’t mean we can’t revisit the 1950’s. It’s been a dozen years since 1953 has been used, I think that’s more than long enough.
1953 Topps Dom DiMaggio
…Incidentally, I picked up this Dom DiMaggio at a show in April.
Sing along with me! “…He’s better than his brother Joe! Dom-i-nic DiMaggio…”

The second set I’m using is 1974 Topps.
1974 Topps Dwight Evans
It’s the first set I collected, so it’s my favorite. That’s good enough for me.

I’m only going to go four years forward for the next set: 1978 Topps.
1978 Topps Rick Cerone
There’s been almost no re-use of 1978 Topps, and I’m thinking that the Topps graphic artists might be scared off by the fact that the team name is done in script rather than a font…. but if you take the “R” from “Red Sox” and the “ays” from “Blue Jays”, then we’ve got “Rays”… and if, by some sheer coincidence, there didn’t happen to be any players from the Nationals, Marlins, Rockies or Diamondbacks featured on a 1978 design, do you think anyone would notice?

The final set is 1981 Topps…
1981 Topps Dan Graham
I’ll admit, this design isn’t a favorite of mine, but I can’t remember many prior attempts by Topps to re-create this set… and honestly, how hard can it be? A basic font in front of a hat that is in team colors? C’mon guys, we can do this.

I don’t have any ideas yet of what to use for the wrapper, inserts or short prints, but feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Topps Takeover: The Designs I’m Using For Next Year’s Archives

  1. I love the 1981 set probably because it’s the first set I collected from packs.

    And I’d like to use the 1978 design for a future Chachi set, but I’ve always been scared off by the thought of trying to replicate the cursive team name in case any Phillies are traded to any if the expansion teams or the Nationals.

    • I liked 81T just fine in 1981, but for me it hasn’t aged as well as some of its contemporaries… and at the time I was 16 and in my 8th year of collecting, so the sentimental factor isn’t there like it is for you.

      I’ve been tempted to try my hand at a 1978-style card from one of those teams… Maybe someday, just to prove it can be done.

  2. I personally consider the 1981 set to be the worst that Topps put out, with the 1972 set right behind. I still cannot fathom what the criteria was that thought putting a baseball cap on the front was so much better. Makes me wonder what they rejected in favor of what they eventually went for.

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