Check Out These Prospects… From Twenty Years Ago

Over the years I’ve bought a fair number of “pre-rookie” cards, but not for prospecting purposes. Nope, in my case I originally bought them in order to get cards to populate my “current roster” binders.

I’ve got a ton of cards of guys I don’t remember and who never made it to the majors, but there are plenty of other cards which are fun to look back on and say “Hey, check this guy out!”

For instance, look at this clean-cut young man in a Wilmington Blue Rocks uniform!
1995 UD Minors Johnny Damon
Who would’ve guessed at that time that Johnny Damon would be the hairiest guy on the 2004 World Champion Red Sox team?

Over the years I’ve gotten so used to Paul Konerko as the White Sox’ first baseman/DH that this next card just seems so odd in retrospect.
1995 UD Minors Paul Konerko
Paul Konerko was a catcher?

Paul Konerko was a Dodger?

I mean, since I had the set back in 1995 I obviously remember him being with the Dodgers, but that information got displaced from my brain over the years, replaced by vital information like the lyrics to numerous Fountains Of Wayne songs, or which water filter refill my refrigerator takes.

By the way, Konerko never caught in the Majors, and played 55 games as a Dodger and 26 as a Red before finding his home in Comiskey Park.


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