2014 TSR: The Bestest Orioles And Mets For June

OK, I’ll confess, this isn’t technically for June, but rather the prior 30 days after the games of July 2nd… But that’s close enough for me.

Adam Jones put on a show in those 30 days, batting .339 with 10 homers and 22 RBI
2014 TSR 275 Adam Jones
It’s surprisingly difficult to find photos of Adam Jones playing baseball.  An awful lot of the images that you see are of Adam and the other outfielders do their post-game jump in the air, or of Adam administering a pie in the face of some Oriole being interviewed after a win, or maybe Adam greeting someone after they’d scored a run… but not a whole lot of him actually hitting or fielding.

I can’t ignore Steve Pearce, who is becoming one of my favorite Orioles.  He hit “only” .351/6/15, but those are pretty damn good numbers considering that he doesn’t even have a regular position.
2014 TSR #309 Steve Pearce

I was tempted to go with Kevin Gausman for the Orioles pitcher, but Bud Norris had slightly better numbers, going 4-0 in 4 starts, with a 2.55 ERA, 1.09 WHIP and 20 K’s.
2014 TSR 392 Bud Norris
Hopefully there will be plenty of future opportunities to feature Kevin Gausman.

One could make an argument for Daniel Murphy being the Mets hitter of the past 30 days, but I’ve already posted a custom of him.  Curtis Granderson has also put up decent numbers, but again, I’ve already done a custom.  Lucas Duda has put up decent numbers at .261/4/14, so I’ll go with him.
2014 TSR 294 Lucas Duda

You know who leads the Mets in triples over the past 30 days?  Well, 23 players are tied with 0 triples… and that’s not counting several relievers who don’t have a plate appearance during that period.

Bartolo Colon has probably been the Mets best pitcher lately, which could very well mean that he’ll get traded before the deadline.
2014 TSR #216 Bartolo Colon
.. but that’s even more reason to get his Mets card out there before I need to create an updated card for Series 4.


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