A Card From Another Universe: 1975 Steve Garvey

It’s been a while since I mentioned this, but I have an inter-dimensional rift in my attic. Occasionally small objects like baseball cards will pass from that alternate universe into ours.

In that other universe, Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 2nd, the day the Continental Congress declared the colonies to be independent states… So those of you who have off today can feel smug knowing that your alternate universe doppleganger is working.

Another difference between that universe and ours is that over there Steve Garvey didn’t last until the 13th pick of the 1968 draft, but instead was the 11th pick…
1975 Mets Garvey

I would like to think that the Mets with Garvey at third would’ve beaten the A’s in the 1973 World Series.

For those Garvey fans and Dodgers fans who are greeting this with wailing and gnashing of teeth, you can take comfort in the fact that Garvey was probably another player who was traded off during the June 15, 1977 “Midnight Massacre” that saw the Mets trade Tom Seaver and Dave Kingman.

I still know only bits and pieces about that other universe, but I do know that the Seattle Pilots never left town and the A’s never left Kansas City.

Does anybody have any guesses about what other differences there might be in the alternate universe?


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