Weigh-In #49

Posting a quarterly update on my progress in organizing and purging helps me in a number of ways. It gives me an opportunity to look at the big picture, and helps with both motivation (if I do well) and guilt (if I don’t).  I know it’s not the most exciting post, but you won’t see another post like this until October.

The numbers here reflect changes since April 11th…

Net change in the collection since 4/11/14: +483 (529 added, 46 purged)
I’ve been really bad about purging in 2014.  Now that I’ve eliminated a lot of the “low-hanging fruit”, I really need to bear down on the purging some more. I’ve been eyeballing 1988 Fleer as the next set to put in the crosshairs.

Total # of cards purged from the collection to date: 8,579

Net change to the # of cards in the house since 4/11: +277 (277 in, 0 out)
A lot of my “collection time” during this quarter has been organizing… and the fact that the number of cards entering my collection was almost twice that of the number of cards entering my house shows that to some degree.

Total # of cards which have left the house to date: 33,775

Number of individual cards tracked in my Access database: 48,768

Number of cards that make up the sets flagged as completed in my Access database: 16,920

…which means I’ve got at least 65,688 cards in my collection.


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