1989/90 Topps SPBA (Senior League) Set: Part 3 – Tropics And Juice!

“Screw the Mets, show me some of the other players in this set!”, I hear you cry. Your wish is my command.

For lack of any better ideas, I’m going to continue to present these cards by team; this time around, it’s the Tropics and Juice.

West Palm Beach Tropics

I’ll start off with the players about which I have something to say, and then I’ll just finish out the team… Just keep in mind that there’s a Hall Of Famer or two about which I have nothing to say.

This is the same Ron Washington who currently manages the Rangers.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Ron Washington

This is probably the most interesting photo in the set… And it’s a former Oriole, although he’s before my time, Oriole-wise.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Tim Stoddard

The Mad Hungarian! He doesn’t look quite as menacing with a full beard.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Al Hrabosky

1989-90 Topps SPBA Mickey Rivers

1989-90 Topps SPBA Rollie Fingers

Orlando Juice

Randy Bass did very little in the Majors, but he was a big star in Japan. In his six seasons with the Hanshin Tigers, Bass batted .337, hit 202 homers, set a Japanese record by batting .389 in 1986 and was the second gaijin to be an MVP.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Randy Bass

1989-90 Topps SPBA Vida Blue


2 thoughts on “1989/90 Topps SPBA (Senior League) Set: Part 3 – Tropics And Juice!

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  2. Oh yes, Hrabosky does. He has a goatee now and even with a suit on as a broadcaster for the Cardinals, he still looks bada-s. He has a goatee now. And he looks like not only would he tell you to get off his lawn, but he’d throw some serious heat past your ear to prove he wasn’t kidding. Class guy, though, all the way.

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