Some Soccer Cards While It’s Still The World Cup

Like any red-blooded American, I’ve lost track of the World Cup since the USA was eliminated… But I know it’s still going on, which means I can still share some Association Football cards and pretend to be relevant.

Speaking of Association Football, I need to air a grievance… People in other countries keep poking fun at Americans, saying “The rest of the world calls it football”.  There’s just one thing;  the last I checked, “the rest of the world” includes Canada, and they also call it soccer!  Such snotty comments are downright anti-Canadian, and I won’t stand for it!

Anyway, what I have here a smorgasbord (or a “borgashmord”, for those old enough to know who Mason Reese is) of various soccer acquisitions over the past 25 years…

Most recent is this Chris Armas All-MLS Team card from 2000 Upper Deck MLS. Armas is part of my Holy Trinity of soccer players I saw with the Long Island Rough Riders back in the 1990’s.
2000 Upper Deck MLS Chris Armas All-MLS
There’s way too much going on with this card, but it does look better in person. Trust me.

The other two thirds of my Holy Trinity are Tony Meola and Giovanni Savarese… I’ve got a few cards of Armas and Meola, but I’m still hunting for my first Savarese.

Sticking with Upper Deck, here’s a 1993 UD World Cup card of Colombian player Carlos Valderrama. I’ll admit, I saved this card from a purge solely because of his trademark hair.
1993 Upper Deck World Cup Carlos Valderrama_0002

While doing some quick research, I saw that Valderrama played for the Tampa Bay Mutiny, one of the inaugural MLS teams… which made me wonder what happened to the Mutiny? Turns out they were contracted in 2001. Just as well, their uniforms were nowhere near as good as the Tampa Bay Rowdies of NASL fame.
1993 Upper Deck World Cup Carlos Valderrama_0001

Lee Dixon is A WILD AND CRAZY GUY!!!!!!
1990-91 Pro Set FA Lee Dixon
And he is ready for foxes!!!!

I’m just full of 1970’s references today, aren’t I?

Here we are finding the back, which is ready for swinging with American chicks!
1990-91 Pro Set FA Lee Dixon back
This 1990-91 Pro Set FA card is a survivor of a cheap wax box I bought years ago. After opening the packs, I had a couple of hundred cards of guys I’d never heard of, and I didn’t know what to do with them, so they largely got filed away. When I find them again, I still won’t know what to do with them.

Speaking of foreign soccer sets made by American companies, here’s a card from the 1991-92 Score Italian Football set. Somewhere along the line I acquired a handful of these, and kept this card because it amused me that the only word I understood on the whole card was “Bomber”.
1991-92 Score Italian Football Gianluca Vialli

…OK, fine, “Bomber”, “Score” and “Printed in Italy”.
1991-92 Score Italian Football Gianluca Vialli back

I think that pretty much covers my soccer cards, just in time for Germany to beat Argentina in the World Cup finals… and now that I’ve officially made that prediction, enjoy watching the Netherlands and Brazil on Sunday.


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