When All Else Fails, Bring Out The Hostess

This is what the last half-hour was like:  “Hmmmm… Maybe there’s something in the drafts folder I can post?  Oh, how about this – No, no, I never finished that one and don’t have time to finish it.  How about – Nahhhh.  Maybe I’ve got some scanned images I can work with quickly.  Hey, here’s a – oh but then I’d have to…  Well this one – nope, I wanted to scan that other card to go with it”.

I normally would just let the day pass without a post, but I’m trying to keep the posts coming until my blogroll issues sort themselves out (because nothing *I* do seems to matter).

Finally, I ran across a bunch of scans of Hostess cards I bought during last year’s COMC Black Friday promotion.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

All of the selected images feature players that everybody knows, so I can just post them here and say “LOOKIT!”

Lookit this 1976 Jim Hunter!
1976 Hostess Jim Hunter

Lookit this 1977 Rod Carew!
1977 Hostess Rod Carew

Lookit this 1978 Dave Winfield!
1978 Hostess Dave Winfield

We’ll see if tomorrow brings us anything more coherent than this…


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