Dude, Your Mom’s On A Card!

I’ve been waiting a month to make this post.

Back in early June, the Mets drafted Oregon State outfielder Michael Conforto with their first pick (and 10th overall).

I made a custom for the occasion…
2014 TSR #401 Michael Conforto Draft Pick
…but I was holding off on posting it until the Mets officially signed him.

I can tell you stuff about Michael Conforto… All-American, 2013 and 2014 Pac-12 Player Of The Year, Top 3 all-time at Oregon State in RBI, Homers and walks despite playing just three years…

…But how many baseball players get beaten to a rookie card by their mother?
1996 Upper Deck Olympicard Tracie Ruiz-Conforto (image off web)
This is a 1996 Upper Deck Olympicard of synchronized swimmer Tracie Ruiz-Conforto. Mom won two Gold and a Silver in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics. I had to use an image I found online because I don’t own this card (yet).

By the way, father Mike Conforto was a linebacker for Penn State.


One thought on “Dude, Your Mom’s On A Card!

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