Shlabotnik Report All-Stars: American League

In observation of the All-Star game tomorrow  night, I thought I’d share a few All-Star cards from my TSR custom set… and you should keep an eye out for TSR Series 4, which hits the virtual shelves this week.

Now let me make this clear: My all-star cards don’t necessarily match the MLB all-star teams. These are the players I think should be all-stars, and I only made a handful of the players I like best.

So, starting with the American League, I suppose it might be best to start with the Orioles…

Adam Jones is an Oriole, and is an All-Star… ‘Nuff said.
2014 TSR #451 Adam Jones AS

Nelson Cruz is worthy of being an All-Star, but I haven’t exactly embraced him as an Oriole.
2014 Tsr #458 Nelson Cruz AS
Part of it is the PED suspension, but part of it is that I can’t get attached to him I don’t see him back after this year… He’s on a one-year contract and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be making a “Hot Stove” custom of him this winter, after he’s moved on to a team with deeper pockets.

I suspect that this is the last year for a while where the Astros will have just one All-Star.
2014 TSR #455 Jose Altuve AS

Koji is a player I’ve collected since he was with the Orioles.  I’m not entirely sure why I like him as much as I do, but that’s neither here nor there.
2014 TSR #456 Koji Uehara AS

Garrett Richards is not an official All-Star… at least not as of Sunday when I wrote this.
2014 TSR #454 Garrett Richards AS
…but he’s been a godsend for my fantasy team, and you can’t ignore his 11-2 record, 1.062 WHIP and 2.55 ERA.  He should be an MLB All-Star, and he’s definitely on my All-Star team.

Finally, I’m going to wrap this up by sucking up to a fellow blogger. Fuji, proprietor of The Chronicles Of Fuji, is a fan of a certain guy named Suzuki, and I don’t mean Ichiro:
2014 TSR #457 Kurt Suzuki AS

I’ll be back with the National League All-Stars tomorrow, but for now it’s audience participation time… Is there anybody you thought should’ve been named to the American League All-Star team?

I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

I would like to momentarily draw your attention to my soccer-related post from last Tuesday, in which I said (and I quote), “…just in time for Germany to beat Argentina in the World Cup finals”.

I am so rarely correct about these things that I just cannot let it go by without crowing a little tiny bit.


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