Shlabotnik Report All-Stars: National League

Yesterday I shared some American League All-Stars custom cards from my 2014 TSR set. Today I’ll get on to the National League…

Daniel Murphy is the Mets’ sole All-Star, and I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t think the Mets are worthy of more than one slot, and Murphy is the guy.
2014 TSR #453 Daniel Murphy AS

Anybody in the hobby has to be happy for fellow card collector Pat Neshek making the All-Star team.
2014 TSR #460 Pat Neshek AS

Paul Goldschmidt is here because he would be the MVP of my fantasy baseball team, if MVP’s were given out midseason… and for fantasy teams.
2014 TSR #459 Paul Goldschmidt AS

We conclude this collection of customs with the Phillies’ lone All-Star, Chase Utley. Making a custom Utley is the least I can do for Jim of The Phillies Room, seeing as he’s given my customs additional exposure beyond the hallowed walls of this blog.
2014 TSR #452 Chase Utley AS
…either that or I’m a sell-out, however you want to look at it.

Besides, I can’t see Chase Utley without thinking of the Homer Simpson line from a few All-Star games ago: “Chase Utley? Why would I want to do that?”

Last Minute Additions:

The following two players were among those added to the NL team on Sunday…

Tyler Clippard is the one active representative of the Nationals, and I would’ve preferred to use a shot where he has his glasses on, but one must make compromises for one’s art.
2014 TSR #462 Tyler Clippard AS

Alfredo Simon has the same name as this guy who used to pitch for the Orioles, but that guy sucked…
2014 TSR #461 Alfredo Simon AS
…What’s that? It is the same guy? Oh. Good for him, I guess.

Feedback time:

What National League player do you think should’ve been named to the All-Star team? Do you think Jeff Samardzija should be allowed to play, or is it all good because he can hang out with all the other pitchers who were named but don’t pitch because they just pitched the other day?


2 thoughts on “Shlabotnik Report All-Stars: National League

  1. Yes, Samardzija should be allowed to play! I would let him play on the AL team, and let the AL manager pick one additional player to be on the NL roster.

    As far as snubs, I’m happy with the Reds players that got in. It would have been cool to see Billy Hamilton on the team, as he has really turned it on over the past month. But his time will come.

    • Watching a few minutes here and there of the Home Run Derby, it struck me how many players are there who are not on the “active roster”… Justin Morneau was in the Derby but not on the team. Matt Wieters was voted in, but isn’t playing anywhere until 2015. At least Samardzija will have plenty of company as he hangs out and watches.

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