Beautifully Poor – 1959 Topps “Danny’s All-Stars”

I was going through a dealer’s bargain bin at a show not too long ago, when I ran across this card from 1959 Topps:
1959 Topps Danny's All Stars

This card seemed to be in pretty nice condition for a bargain bin, not to mention that it featured Ted Kluszewski as well as original Met Frank Thomas. I turned it over to see what might’ve been wrong with the back… and that’s when I discovered the result of some child’s boredom:
1959 Topps Danny's All-Stars back
As someone who “double-bags” in 9-pocket sheets, I like vintage cards that have writing on the back, because it brings the price down in a way that I don’t mind… but I have to admit, I kinda liked this piece of original “colored pencil on cardboard” artwork. At least they stayed within the lines.

These two guys weren’t Danny’s All-Stars for very long. Frank Thomas was traded to the Reds before the 1959 season, and Big Klu was traded to the White Sox that August.

4 thoughts on “Beautifully Poor – 1959 Topps “Danny’s All-Stars”

  1. My little rant about the ’59 Specials is that they should not have filling in the ‘circle’ with color, like the yellow here. Keeping the background would have made them more attractive.

    As for the ‘added artwork’… I picked up quite a few ’59s that kids altered with ink or pencil lead. I eventually upgraded most of them but at the time I was glad to get a cheap copy for my set.

    • I can’t argue about having the background instead of the colored background; I’d rather have background than a solid background any day.

      Maybe it’s like the hockey and basketball cards, and the colored background hides the fact that they’re in a room somewhere in the basement of Madison Square Garden.

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