If I Disappear From The Blogrolls Tomorrow, Here’s Why

I’ve already got tomorrow’s post scheduled for 6:00am, Eastern Daylight Time.  That post will feature the five “Rookie Variation” cards I got when I bought a factory set of 2014 Topps.

It is my fear that the post in question will not show up in Blogger-based blogrolls, and here is why.

The past few months have been full of challenges, blog-wise.  It all started off with a “Nastygram” from the computer-controlled nerve center of Shlabotnik World Headquarters.  I was given dire warnings about “BACKUP IMMEDIATELY!” and “HARD DRIVE FAILURE IS IMMINENT!” Fortunately, I did manage to get a full back-up and limped along while hardware issues were sorted out.

Sometime after that crisis was averted, this blog started to disappear from blogrolls.  I would publish a week’s worth of posts while the blogrolls showed me as being inactive.

I’d seen this type of thing before…  Too many tags on a post (One shouldn’t do more than 10)…  Pasting text directly from MS Word into the WordPress web client (Apparently Word likes to throw in extraneous HTML stuff when you do that)…  Embedded videos that don’t get handled properly by my WordPress “theme”.

…But it didn’t turn out to be any of those things.  I checked my blog’s feed using a “Feed Validator”, but that came up with a clean bill of health.  I read about how your feed shouldn’t be more than 512K in size, but mine was a small fraction of that limit.

Furthermore, it seemed to be only Blogger-based blogrolls which hated me. There were no problems with other forms of readers like Feedly or Yahoo.

At some point it struck me… Did it have anything to do with the new hard drive?  More specifically, could it have anything to do with the images that were scanned after my hard drive failure?

I’m using the same scanner and the same scanner software (possibly a different version), so it didn’t seem likely… but I had nothing else to go on.

I ran a series of text-only posts, which eventually got me showing up on blogrolls again.

I then ran a series of posts using only images from before the hard drive issue… and so far everything’s been both hunky and dory.

But tomorrow… Tomorrow I will post some images I scanned on Sunday.

And we will see what happens.

As a reward for reading this far, here are some random non-sport cards (and one sticker):

1977 Topps Star Wars #226

Donruss MASH #35

1990 Panini Happy Birthday bugs - Pepe LePew


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