2014 Topps Factory Set Rookie Variations

Soon after I saw the online previews of 2014 Topps last year, I decided to buy a factory set rather than the usual “bust a ton of packs”.

The factory sets recently came out, and I started assessing my options…

All-Star Variations?  Meh.

Sandy Koufax Refractors? Yawwwwwwwwwn… (Although now that I look at the bidding for these on eBay, I may have screwed up by not going with this option).

I decided to go with the bonus that stood the greatest chance of remaining in my collection, the rookie variations.  They’re largely as uninteresting as the other options, not that I expected much anyway.

I thought that someone might want to see what they look like, so here they are in descending order by hype:

2014 Topps Masahiro Tanaka Factory Set

2014 Topps Xander Bogaerts Factory Set

2014 Topps Billy Hamilton Factory Set

2014 Topps Jose Abreu Factory Set

2014 Topps Nick Castellanos Factory Set


9 thoughts on “2014 Topps Factory Set Rookie Variations

  1. Joe, I’m guessing by this that Topps factory set is put out in different ways, one containing All Star variations, one with Sandy Koufax specials and the rookie variations? Or am I reading that wrong?

    • Yes, there are three different factory sets that I’ve seen, with the Sandy Koufax refractors being a Target exclusive. I would guess that Wal-Mart has their own exclusive, but I didn’t check. Hobby stores may also have their own exclusive, but there aren’t any around the subterranean HQ of The Shlabotnik Report.

      The main reason I didn’t do the Koufax inserts was that it is of absolutely no interest to me, and any time I buy something thinking “Well, I can always sell it”, that means that there will be 3000 other lots on eBay, all of them labeled “RARE!!!!”

      • The Target exclusive has one of three Sandy gold refractors AND the five rookie variations. Did the same thing in 2012 with Mays and in 2013 with Aaron.

      • I believe Homer Simpson said it best when he said “D’OH!!!!”

        Live and learn. I’m still going under the assumption that I would’ve gotten stuck with them regardless. :-)

  2. Thanks for the info, guys. Being a Koufax guy I looked at eBay. $300 for three Chrominated Gold Parallel Koufax Refrators (or whatever those things are called, apparently a step UP from regular gold refractors!) They like to make things complicated these days.

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