Cubs Throwback Unis On The 1978 Design – Are You Taking Notes, Topps?

The Cubs wore 1978 throwbacks on Sunday, and when anybody throws back to the 1970’s, you can bet that I will be making 1970’s customs from a corresponding year.

What can I say?  When it comes to making “double-throwback” customs…


2014 TSR TB-74A Aaron Harang


1979 Austin Jackson


2013 Seventy-Faux Pedro Alvarez


1979 Lucas Harrell

The throwbacks the Cubs wore on Sunday were part of the Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary celebration, and… Well, if you haven’t seen them, let me just show you my favorite of this particular batch of customs made from game photos:
2014 TSR 1978 #1 Anthony Rizzo
Before I get too far into this… Just try to tell me that a card like this wouldn’t make an awesome addition to Topps Archives, or at least a short print or insert. Come on, Topps! DO IT!

So yes, the Cubs were at home and celebrating Wrigley Field by throwing back to road uniforms they never wore at Wrigley. Just go with it. Tsuyoshi Wada was fine with it, you should be too.
2014 TSR 1978 #4 Tsuyoshi Wada

For the two people who might have interest, I’ll point out that these cards are the first made from a 1978 template I’m trying to get into “production”. The “Cubs” script and the little baseball are the only things to come out of a scan, everything else is a template that allows me to swap colors and such. Unfortunately, the only team I can make customs of just yet are the Cubs, but there will be more.
2014 TSR 1978 #2 Kyle Hendricks
I’m not 100% satisfied with the fonts used for the name & position, but that’s a tweak for down the road.

The grass in this photo came across as a little too green, so I tried to tweak the brightness and contrast, and the result looks like a colorized photo… which may not be a bad thing.
2014 TSR 1978 #3 Luis Valbuena

According to the press releases, the Cardinals also wore throwbacks… but since the Cardinals’ 1978 road uniform was also powder blue, in Sundays’ game the Cards wore grey road unis that they wouldn’t actually wear until 1985… therefore it does not belong on my custom. I’d say “Take that, Cardinals!” except I’m pretty sure the Cubs provide the throwback uniforms for the visiting teams.
2014 TSR 1978 #5 Wesley Wright

There will be more customs like these in the future, just like I’ve made these over the past couple of years…

Seventy Faux #5 Gordon Beckham

…I can’t…
Seventy Faux #4 Mark Trumbo

…help myself!
Seventy Faux #2 Josh Hamilton

…even when it’s the occasional Sixties throwback!
Sixty Faux #1 Brian Bogosevic

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