“Forgotten Bowman”, “Taunting Hunter Pence” And “Rolling Stones”

Nope, they’re not Jeopardy categories – no matter how much they should be.

It’s all just a way of introducing a post made up of unrelated things that I wanted to share.

The Bowman That Joe Forgot

In a recent post describing the dilemma that 1989 Topps had become for me, I ranked the 1989 base sets from #5 (Fleer) all the way down to #1 (Donruss).

It was late the next day that I was struck by a startling realization:  “HOLY CRAP!  I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT 1989 BOWMAN!”

1989 Bowman Gary Carter

Yes, dear readers, I ranked five 1989 sets without remembering that there were six sets that year.  And to be honest, I kinda like 1989 Bowman – slightly-oversized cards, boring design, “Team Photo Day” images and all.  In fact, I like that set better than I like Topps, just because I remember the joy of buying something new and different, back when “new and different” was still a good thing.

So, my revised rankings from one to SIX are as follows:  1) Donruss, 2) Score, 3) Bowman,  4) Topps,  5) Upper Deck and 6) Fleer.

Even though I have a nearly-complete 1989 Topps set, I’m leaning more and more towards purging the bulk of it.  You’ll be hearing more on this (and that is a threat).

Hunter Pence’s Mother Was A Hamster, And His Father Smelt Of Elderberries!

At a recent visit by the San Francisco Giants to the slightly-unfriendly confines of CitiField, a couple of fans bemused the announcers and other people with a series of signs poking fun at Hunter Pence. The first two I saw said this:

Hunter Pence puts ketchup on his hot dogs.
Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork.

Both of which would be anathema to any self-respecting New Yorker, and made me laugh out loud.

I later saw some other ones which branched out a bit… Here are my favorites:

Hunter Pence brings 13 items to the Express Lane.
Hunter Pence bedazzles his phone.
Hunter Pence prefers store brand cereal.


I pulled this Rolling Stones card out of a Heritage pack:

2014 Heritage Flashback Rolling Stones
…Which I’d been waiting to happen, because it allows me to do an idea I’ve had for a while:

The Top Five Rolling Stones Songs As Chosen By Someone Who Generally Doesn’t Care For The Rolling Stones

If you ask me why I don’t like the Stones, the best answer I have is “Because I don’t”.  I can’t really explain it other than it’s just one of those things.  I like The Beatles, I like Led Zeppelin, I like The Kinks, I like The Who, I like The Moody Blues, but I’m largely indifferent to The Stones.

So, here’s my Top Five list in chronological order:

“Paint It Black”, from the album Aftermath (1966) – I’m not entirely sure why this particular song makes the list when most other vintage Stones songs do not. I’m going to use a variation of the above explanation: “Because it does”.

“Angie”, from the album Goat’s Head Soup (1973) – I guess the two reasons I like this is because it hit #1 when I was an impressionable kid, and because I like to sing along with Mick. “Anjay! Aeeeeeeeeeeeenjay! When will the clouds all dis-a-pa-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhh?”

“Miss You (12″ version)”, originally from the album Some Girls (1978) – The Stones attempt disco, and people think that Mick is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. I don’t have a copy of this particular version (yet), but I prefer it because Mick goes well past “We gonna bring a case of wine, yeah, gonna mess and fool around y’know just like we used to!” in his various spoken ramblings.

“Shattered” from Some Girls – Shadoobee. Shattered. Shattered. My older brother had this album when it was new, so I heard it A LOT. That’s probably why it resonates more for me.

“Far Away Eyes”, Some Girls – A tongue-in-cheek attempt at Country, and probably a favorite because nobody’s taking anything or anybody seriously on this song.

At least three of these songs are safe to consider as “atypical Stones songs”, which is  perhaps why I like them… and I don’t mean to disrespect the Stones, just that they don’t quite “do it” for me.

And by the way, if you get curious about the 8 minute version of “Miss You” and happen to find the video where the guy is playing a pink vinyl version of the single, I hope you’ll join me in yelling the following at the guy:
“AAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH!  Whaddaya crazy?  Don’t hold the record like that! The edges! Hold it by the freakin’ EDGES!!!!!”

To my younger readers: Vinyl records should always be handled by the edges or label. Doing otherwise leaves oils from your fingers on the grooves, the oil attracts dust, and dust will degrade your records over time.

“The more you know…”

And in conclusion…

If you’d like to share your favorite 1989 Bowman cards, Hunter Pence taunts or Rolling Stone songs, I’d like to hear about it.


12 thoughts on ““Forgotten Bowman”, “Taunting Hunter Pence” And “Rolling Stones”

  1. ’89 Bowman pissed me off by not fitting in standard 9 pockets. And they were boring. Oh, and get off my lawn.

    Rolling Stones…only The Who can challenge them in the ‘Bands Everyone Loved But Me’ category. That said I did like their first one 12×5. I’m old enough to remember that they were viewed as the ‘evil’ protagonists to the Beatles’ much more ‘angelic’ vibe. .

    And finally, I got rid of most of my vinyl albums many years ago. I kept my Beatles’ stuff and a couple of others. I really regret doing that.

    • I don’t know why the size of 89B didn’t bother me more than it did (or does), but it’s more of a minor annoyance to me.

      For me, Eric Clapton is the epitome of “Everybody loved but me”. I like the song “Badge” (which is technically by Cream) and the second half of “Layla” (the piano part).

  2. New Yorkers don’t put ketchup on hot dogs? Really? Geez. As somebody who hates mustard, it’s hard to wrap my head around that.

    Never liked 89 Bowman much. I’d look on the back of some nobody and see one team he did well against and think, “man, if only this guy could face that team everyday, he’d be a HOFer!”

    Love the Stones. Let’s Spend The Night Together B/W Ruby Tuesday was my first real 7″ when I was a kid. Loved “Let’s Spend The Night Together” even though I innocently thought it was about wanting to have a slumber party.

  3. I like ’89 Bowman…except for the size. Pulled a Griffey rookie out of one of the first packs I bought, slid it straight into a toploader and rarely take it out.

  4. Still have around 3000 pieces of vinyl. Stones songs. Sway, Monkey Man, Dead Flowers, Wild Horses, let it bleed, lots of good stuff. Didn’t mind 89 Bowman.

    • Wow. I’ve got a fair amount of vinyl, but nowhere near 3000 pieces. My collection numbers in the hundreds, and much of it falls into the category of “stuff I can’t find in digital formats”. I’d been working on ripping a lot of it over the past few years, and I really need to get back to that.

      Interesting Rolling Stones list… The only ones I think I know are “Monkey Man” and “Wild Horses”, both of which are good songs

  5. I kind of glossed over the part about the Rolling Stones when I first read the post. Not a big fan, but I do love “Angie” and “Wild Horses.” Everything else…not so much.

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