Doppelgangers: 1993 Topps / Upper Deck Rick Wilkins

Today we have another entry from my little mini-collection of pairs of cards which feature the same play shown by two different card companies and/or photographers.  Today we’ve got a pair of Rick Wilkins cards from 1993 Topps and 1993 Upper Deck.

1993 Topps - Upper Deck Rick Wilkins

Unlike the prior post in this series, I don’t think there’s any way to figure out which game these photos came from, other than narrowing it down to a Cubs home game in 1992.  If you look at the far right on the Upper Deck card, you can see the hand of the baserunner.  All you can tell about the Mystery Runner is that he’s wearing a Franklin glove and has a red wristband.

In the crowd, you can pick out some of the same people… The easiest one to spot is the guy in the green and yellow cap.  He’s over Wilkins’ head on the Topps card, and off to the far left on the Upper Deck card.

I’ve got two more pairs of cards like this, plus Shlabotnik Report readers have suggested two other pairs.  I know there must be a bunch out there, does anybody know of some?

9 thoughts on “Doppelgangers: 1993 Topps / Upper Deck Rick Wilkins

  1. Ha! I just realized I posted my Coco and Vogt comment on the wrong post! Somehow I accidentally skipped over this entry. Great post. I’ll be on the lookout for these pairs. How do you feel about Topps using the same photos for multiple sets?

    • To me, having the same photo on multiple cards is just clutter in my collection. I’ve had cards in my collection that I’ve specifically removed because it had the same photo as another card I liked better (or from a better set).

      One thing I find interesting is that collectors generally seem OK with parallels, but not with reused photos. To me, they’re just variations of the same thing.

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    • I’ve had those two since 1982, I scanned them for this series and I almost threw them in to this post, but (obviously) didn’t. I tend to think of it as “Everybody knows about that”, but I forget that it was 35 years ago so maybe not everybody knows about it. I think I’ll do a post about it in the coming week….

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