1989/90 Topps SPBA (Senior League) Set, Part 4: Explorers, Legends And Sun Sox

Holy crap, did I get sidetracked.

Back in June and the early part of July I started sharing the highlights of a Topps box set dedicated to the first year of the Senior Professional Baseball Association. You can see the first three posts here, here and here.

A number of events threw me off the rails, and I recently was going through my drafts folder and realized that I never got back to these cards.

OK, enough yakkin’.  Let’s get back to the cards.

Bradenton Explorers

Hal McRae was a three-time All-Star with the Royals and had a .290 career average, but hit just .171 in a short stint with the Explorers.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Hal McRae

Al Oliver may have been a 7-time All-Star and may have won a batting title, but I like him because he wore uniform number zero with six different teams.  I don’t know if he wore zero with the Explorers, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Al Oliver

Graig Nettles can truthfully say that he was the last player to ever wear #9 for the Yankees, and if he’s careful about it he can gloss over the fact that they didn’t retire it for him, they retired it for Roger Maris.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Graig Nettles

Steve Whitaker, Dick Simpson and Ron Woods also wore #9 after Maris, but that’s not what counts.  What counts is that the Yankees have a proud history and will beat you over the head with it even when it takes them 18 years to recognize that proud history.

St. Lucie Legends

“No Neck”!  ‘Nuff said.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Walt Williams

When I named this image, I unknowingly and unthinkingly labeled it as “Barry Bonds”. Shame on me!
1989-90 Topps SPBA Barry Bonds

Ft. Myers Sun Sox

This card features one of the more interesting photos in the set.  I appreciate the use of Oakland A’s colors, but not the team name or logo.
1989-90 Topps SPBA Amos Otis

Amos was something of a rarity in the SPBA;  he was a relatively big name who played well.  In the first season, he batted .332 with 11 homers.

I’ve got one more batch of cards to feature from this set… I promise not to make you wait another month.


8 thoughts on “1989/90 Topps SPBA (Senior League) Set, Part 4: Explorers, Legends And Sun Sox

      • Games were pretty decent. Better than the South Atlantic League which is what I see mostly now.
        Picked up a few autos from the seniors. Oliver, Rollie Fingers, Buckner, and Ron Washington.

  1. You aren’t alone in making the Barry/Bobby Bonds flub. I do that all the time.

    I saw a Walt Williams 1970 Topps booklet the other day, and now this. Two No Neck sightings in a week!

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