My First Two 1978 Burger King Tigers

One of my many mini-quests of late is picking up singles from the various Burger Kings sets from 1978 to 1980. As with my 1977 O-Pee-Chee quest, I’m only interested in cards which feature a photo which differs somehow from the standard-issue Topps card.

The most famous card from the 1978 Burger King Tigers is Lou Whitaker’s “stand alone” rookie card (he shares his Topps card with future Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo and two other guys). I don’t have the BK Whitaker yet, but I recently got two others in a recent COMC shopping spree.

Jim Slaton was an All-Star with the Brewers in 1977, and would win 17 games in his only year with the Tigers before hitting free agency and signing back with the Brew Crew. Slaton had been traded with Rich Folkers to the Tigers for Ben Oglivie.
1978 Burger King Tigers Jim Slaton

Here’s the Topps card which pictures him with the Brewers.
1978 Topps Jim Slaton

Like Jim Slaton, Steve Dillard would play just one year in Detroit. He was traded from the Red Sox for two minor leaguers and cash, and during spring training in 1979 he was traded to the Cubs for a PTBNL.
1978 Burger King Tigers Steve Dillard

Steve Dillard apparently had the batting pose down pat.
1978 Topps Steve Dillard

Steve Dillard’s son Tim has pitched with the Brewers, and is currently pitching for the AA Huntsville Stars.  Tim was featured on this 2012 Topps Update card (which seems to be his one and only card).

2012 Topps Update Tim Dillard


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