Is This The End Of The Dynamic Duo?

Things suddenly got very busy for me – damn that real life for interfering with my blogging activities! – so I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like, nor have I been able to show off some of the cards I just got from COMC… heck I still haven’t even scanned all of them.

Since I was looking for something relatively quick to post, I decided to show off the three 1966 Batman “Black Bat” cards I got.

“Grim Realization” is probably the most “stand-alone-y” interesting of the three.
1966 Topps Batman Black Bat Grim Realization

My original goal was just to replace the cards I had as a kid that mysteriously vanished, but then I decided that I had enough cards from the 11-card “Batman vs. The Joker” subset to attempt to finish that off… each of the subsets tells a story, and “The Joker In Jail” is the 11th card in this particular “story arc”.
1966 Topps Batman Black Bat The Joker In Jail

I do enjoy these cards (and the awesome Norman Saunders artwork) an awful lot, and I’ll probably keep working towards the entire 55-card “Black Bat” set, but that’s a long-term goal at this point… unless I unexpectedly run into a bunch of cheap cards.

This last card is more of an “advancing the plot” card than an example of visually stunning artwork, but I like the thuggish gentleman lurking in the background… a bit of Norman Saunders’ pulp magazine experience shining through.
1966 Topps Batman Black Bat Crime Czar

The Joker is administering a Lie Detector Test to his fellow hoodlums, and if you were wondering  how things turn out for this particular gentleman, I’ll refer you to a card I’d shared last December…

1966 Batman - Black Bat - Poison Pellet

When I get the whole subset, I’ll post all 11 cards, front and back, in one post… so that everybody can share in the excitement of Batman vs. The Joker!  It’s the next best thing to sticking  your head out the window to find The Caped Crusaders climbing the side of your building!


4 thoughts on “Is This The End Of The Dynamic Duo?

  1. You remember which cards you had as a kid? Wow. I had some of them but I have no idea which ones or how many. No idea what became of them either. I don’t blame you for wanting some back. I got a few off COMC as well. They’re Bat-tastic!

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