Everybody Get Outta Here, There’s A Lobster Loose! Oh, Holy Cow, He’s Loose!

Everybody get outta here, he’s vengeful!  Quickly, cover yourselves with hot butter… and carry lemons just in case!  You have to squirt him and so forth and repel him!  Everyboy get outta here quickly, there’s gonna be a tragedy!  Ohhhhhh Gaaaaaaahhhhhhd!

For years, I knew that quote only as a clip that got got played a lot by a Connecticut rock station I used to listen to (I-95, I think, or maybe WPLR)… but I heard it often enough that I was able to write the above quote down from memory 15+ years later.  I just discovered that it was part of a larger bit from the National Lampoon Radio Hour… and yes, bizarre rants about lobsters does fit in to a sketch about Dostoevsky (kind of):

This is all apropos of nothing, other than I got some Lobster-related oddballs from COMC recently… specifically, two cards from the 1982 Red Lobster Cubs set.  This set was a giveaway to fans attending the August 20th game – yes, today is the 32nd anniversary! – and the Cubs would continue this giveaway for a number of years under different sponsorships.

I found this first card when searching COMC for Steve Henderson.  Hendu was one of my favorite players as a kid.  He was part of the return for Tom Seaver, the Mets’ left fielder for 4 years and the runner-up for 1977 N.L. Rookie Of The Year (Andre Dawson was the winner).  Henderson was traded to the Cubs for Dave Kingman before the 1981 season .

1982 Red Lobster Steve Henderson

These cards are almost standard size, coming in at roughly 3.5″ x 2.25″.  Here’s the less-than-awe-inspiring back:

1982 Red Lobster Steve Henderson back

I came for the Henderson, but decided to stay for the Tidrow… Dick Tidrow, that is.  He was a pitcher that I liked, and had a high leg-kick and an awesome mustache.

1982 Red Lobster Dick Tidrow

1982 Red Lobster Dick Tidrow back

In addition to Henderson and Tidrow, the set also includes a kid named Sandberg, one year before his “rookie cards”.  The Red Lobster Ryne Sandberg will set you back a few bucks.


2 thoughts on “Everybody Get Outta Here, There’s A Lobster Loose! Oh, Holy Cow, He’s Loose!

  1. Interesting cards, I had never seen those before. I also love any post that manages to squeeze in a Dostoevsky reference! I’ve probably read Crime & Punishment cover to cover 10 times and it remains one of my favorite books. Great post!

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