Wibbley Wobbley, Jelly Babies, Lots Of Planets Have A North!

For those of us who are fans of the BBC TV show “Doctor Who”, one of the highlights of this weekend is the debut of the… let’s see… umm…  Ninth… tenth… eleventh… Twelfth Doctor?  Do I have that right?  Peter Capaldi moves in as the new resident of the TARDIS.

That is, of course, not counting John Hurt’s “War Doctor” or Peter Cushing’s “Movie Doctor”… but it does include Paul McGann’s “Doctor From The Tremendously Disappointing Failed Pilot TV Movie”.

At any rate, what this is all about is to show off some Doctor Who Alien Attax cards I got through COMC.

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years Fourth Doctor

I’m a long-time Doctor Who fan, going back about as far as an American can without having lived abroad.  Back in the 1970’s I would watch pretty much anything that was British or science fiction… So when I heard that the PBS station out of New York would be broadcasting a show that was both British and science fiction, it was guaranteed that I’d check it out from the start.

It began with the first episode of the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, and his companion Sarah Jane Smith.  They’d later be joined by a robotic dog called K-9, but we don’t speak of that.

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years Sarah Jane & 4th Doctor

The low budget resulted in monsters and special effects which were often laughable, but the show was a lot of fun and I quickly became a fan.

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane was possibly the most popular companion in the long run of the show, and remains a favorite of mine.

But there are some people who prefer the 21st century “reboot”  of the show, and I am also a fan of that…

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years Ninth Doctor

After the 1996 TV Movie that was made by people who clearly didn’t “get” The Doctor, I entered into the 2005 reboot with a considerable amount of trepidation.

The episode did start off pretty well, but it was this exchange that filled my heart with joy:
The Doctor:  “I’m The Doctor, by the way.  What’s your name?”
Rose:  “Rose.”
The Doctor:  “Nice to meet you, Rose.  Run for your life!”

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years 9th Doctor And Rose

That’s when I exclaimed “Oh, thank God, these people GET IT!!!!”

I really enjoyed the short run of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, and was cautious about the change to David Tennant, but that worked out very well

I haven’t enjoyed the show quite as much since Steven Moffat took over as the showrunner, but Strax is probably my favorite character from the recent seasons.

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years Strax

“Do not attempt to escape or you will be obliterated!  May I take your coat?”

And of course, I couldn’t buy some Alien Attax cards without the aliens who attax the most, namely the Daleks.

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years Original Dalek

We obey no one!  We are the superior cardboard!

…And indeed, this cardboard is quite nice, if not superior.  The cards are glossy, but the background is textured as well so as to make the photos stand out more.  Unlike many gaming cards, these don’t have rounded borders.

Here’s the back of one of the cards.

2012 Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50 Years card back

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of these, especially any that might be out there for Leela, a Fourth Doctor companion played by Louise Jameson.  Leela was a savage warrior who wore animal skins, and wore them quite nicely… and… well… I was a teenage boy at the time.  You get the picture.

Has anybody else picked up any of these cards?  Is anybody going to check out Peter Capaldi on Saturday night?


10 thoughts on “Wibbley Wobbley, Jelly Babies, Lots Of Planets Have A North!

  1. I haven’t started collecting any Doctor Who trading or gaming cards, but I am beginning to accumulate the Lego-like Character Building mini-figures.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s Series 8 premiere… hopefully I will enjoy Peter Capaldi;s tenure as the Doctor as much as I did with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant’s runs.

  2. LOL… just the other night I walked thru the den and my wife had on a show I didn’t recognize. She said it was Dr. Who and she was trying to figure out what was going on. I told her that she had several decades of catching up to do. And i couldn’t help, I’ve never see it either. I guess I’m THAT guy.

  3. I still have to finish Matt Smith’s run. I don’t want to give up on the show, but I’m not a fan of Matt Smith or Jenna Coleman. Hopefully Capaldi will draw me back in when I get that far.

    • Matt Smith started to grow on me after a while, but he never quite got past “OK” in my estimation. I’m largely indifferent to Clara, and I grew to dislike Amy Pond quite a bit… although I did like Rory and River.

      One thing I find telling is that many of the secondary characters during the Eccleston & Tennant runs – think Jackie, Mickey, Wilfred – were more interesting and well-developed characters than Amy or Clara ever were. Then again, Madam Vastra, Jenny & Strax are more interesting than Amy or Clara. I guess I just don’t like Amy or Clara. :-)

  4. The daleks always looked vaccum cleaners to me. My gf at the time said, “Oh yeah, real tough. Sneak up behind them, push them over and they’re probably as useful as a bug on its back.” I laughed until it hurt when she said that.

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