2014 TSR: A Petit Reminder That It’s Never Pointless To Get The Vogt Out

Today’s post is little more than an arbitrary assortment of customs… but “arbitrary” is not necessarily a bad thing.  Let’s get rolling…

I tend to think of Yusmeiro Petit as something of a failed Mets prospect, but just because he never made it to the Mets doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his flashes of brilliance. Last year he came within one strike of pitching a perfect game, and settled for a one-hit shutout. This week, he set a Major League record by retiring 46 consecutive batters, breaking a record held by Mark Buehrle.
2014 TSR #527 Yusmeiro Petit

This next custom is from the batch I created just after the trade deadline, but it’s here just because I like the way it turned out.
2014 TSR #573 Asdrubal Cabrera

I made this Nolan Arenado custom a while ago… I had a reason at the time, but damned if I can’t remember it now.  Since Nolan recently won the NL Player Of The Week award, I figured it’s as good a time as any to unveil it.
2014 TSR #255 Nolan Arenado
Over the week ending August 24th, Nolan Arenado lead the league with a .545 batting average, hit three homers, scored six runs, had three RBI, three doubles, three homers and a triple.

Casey over at Cardboard Brooklyn requested a custom of Stephen Vogt, and I was only too happy to comply.  You’ve gotta love a guy that is legitimately listed as “1B/OF/C”… and I technically could’ve listed DH as well, but he’s only done that a handful of times.
2014 TSR #519 Stephen Vogt
I thought of putting “UTILITY” down as the position, but that’s overly vague and not as much fun.

Finally, I realized a while ago that I had not posted any “Pointless Pairings” inserts, so I’ll kick things off with this one:
2014 TSR PP-2 Headley Marakovits

I think this is also the first horizontal card I’ve posted, although I have created a couple and did intended from the start to make it more of a “standard card”.  I’ll see if I can’t get more horizontal cards worked into the later series of this set.

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