The Start Of A (Real) Curling Collection

Shortly after the 2014 Winter Olympics, I shared some custom cards devoted to my new favorite Olympic sport, curling.

2014 TSR Curling - Jennifer Jones

Custom cards are fun, but I wanted to get some real curling cards… So I did some shopping on COMC and got a bunch of curling-related cards from the 2014 Topps Olympic & Paralympic Team And Hopefuls set… a very awkward name, but I suppose it is truth in advertising.

Erika Brown was the skip of the US women’s team.  I have to say, these are pretty attractive cards, much better than you usually see for what amounts to a one-off set.
2014 Topps Olympics Erika Brown

Jessica Schultz was second in the lineup;  I’m not sure why she was featured instead of, say, Deb McCormick.
2014 Topps Olympics Jessica Schultz

Pete Fenson falls into the category of “Hopeful”, because his team didn’t get through the qualifiers… but he was part of the TV coverage, so it’s not like he wasn’t in Sochi.
2014 Topps Olympics Pete Fenson
I didn’t bother scanning the back of the card, but it’s worth noting that Fenson might think he’s from Bemidji, MN, but Topps says he’s from “Memidji”.

This card is from the Olympic Venue insert set, and shows the “Ice Cube”.
2014 Topps Olympics Ice Cube Curling Center

There are two more inserts from the Topps set that I need to eventually track down… As well as other inserts that I can live without.  No offense to the subjects involved, but I can live without Erika Brown’s autograph or a Pete Fenson manupatch card.

In researching this post, I found out that there are a couple of Canadian curlers in the 2014 UD Goodwin Champions set, so I’m going to have to look into those.

There are also some particularly nice postage stamps related to curling, so I may have to dust off my “stamp collector” hat as well.


4 thoughts on “The Start Of A (Real) Curling Collection

  1. I think everyone finds curling mesmerizing. I don’t really like the look of those cards, although I can appreciate the effort.

    But I think I’m going to have to find that Olympic venues card.

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