Assorted “Hits” From Two 100-Card Repacks

I guess it’s because I’m largely done buying 2014 packs, but lately I’ve wandered into Target needing a fix and have walked out with repacks. Aside from the mounds of junk wax and a decent helping of 1976 commons (which were appreciated but unneeded), I’ve gotten some decent cards in the two recent repacks.

The most interesting card was this card, which I initially piled with the “don’t need” cards until I noticed that it was glossy.
1991 Studio Preview Ted Higuera
I’ve already got a complete set of 1991 Studio, so I know the cards aren’t normally glossy… and I didn’t remember there being a “Tiffany” version.

Then I looked at the back, saw the card number was “6 of 17” and realized…
1991 Studio Preview Ted Higuera back
… this is from the Preview set, which (according to the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, 2008 Edition), were inserted in packs of 4 into 1991 Donruss factory sets. I found out about this set a year or two ago and meant to start tracking these cards down as an addition to my Studio set. None of the photos in the Preview set were used in the regular set. Teddy Higuera here didn’t even make it into the Studio set.

Whenever I buy a repack, I always hope that I get some of the early 1990’s “high end” cards that are missing from my overall collection. My wish was Fairfield’s command in this case, because I got a 1993 Leaf Rickey Henderson. Because it’s 1993 Leaf, we start with the back of the card…
1993 Leaf Rickey Henderson back

…and move on to the usually-less-interesting front.
1993 Leaf Rickey Henderson

Not only did I need this 1983 Fleer Ozzie, but it also appears to show him doing some mid-game tai chi.
1983 Fleer Ozzie Smith
I believe he’s doing “single whip” here, possibly moving into “wave hands like clouds”…

I was very happy to get this oddball for my Cal Ripken collection… I’ve gotten a bunch of Cap’n Crunch cards before, but I usually get players I don’t like.
1989 Cap'n Crunch Cal Ripken
I find it interesting that, while they were airbrushing the logos out, they also airbrushed all of the orange on the cap and the collar.

Speaking of Ripkens, I also got this Billy Ripken which is only notable in that I didn’t already have it.
1991 Fleer Billy Ripken

Finally, I got this 1982 Mario Soto which, again, is only notable in that I didn’t have it.
1982 Topps Mario Soto
…and Mario looks moderately bad-ass.


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