I Spent My Long Weekend Making Customs… Doesn’t Everybody?

Oh, sure, I could’ve been doing productive things around the house, but are any of them as important as establishing a template for 1976 Topps customs?

I found out on Sunday that the Royals and Indians wore 1970’s throwback uniforms on Saturday. I didn’t get too excited about the Royals, since their uniform has had only minor changes since 1969… “Throwbacks” for the Royals generally means that they wear the same uniform with pullover jerseys and sansabelt pants.

But the Indians… Oh, baby the Indians wore their mid-1970’s uniform featuring the red jersey.

You know me… as soon as I hear “1970’s thowback”, I spring into action!
2014 TSR TB-76A Trevor Bauer
As I mentioned, this exercise was also an attempt to set up a template for 1976 Topps customs… it needs a bit of work – the fonts aren’t quite right, among other things – but it’s a pretty good start.

I wasn’t going to make a throwback for the Royals, but then I saw a photo of Norichika Aoki rockin’ the stirrups 1970’s style, and I felt that I had to honor him in some way.
2014  TSR TB76-B Norichika Aoki

Aside from my 1976 customs, I also cranked out a few customs from my TSR set… Series 5 hit the virtual store shelves yesterday, so I figured I’d share a couple of cards from the virtual packs.

15 years from now, we might be saying “I completely forgot that Adam Dunn had played for the Athletics!”, so I figured I’d better create a card to commemorate the occasion, because who knows whether Topps will.
2014 TSR #535 Adam Dunn
I gave some thought to making his position “DH/1B/OF”, but he’s only played a handful of games in the outfield, and one must draw the line somewhere. After all, he pitched an inning as well, but I’m not going to put him down as a pitcher.

I was excited last week when the Mets called up prospect Dilson Herrera. I’ve seen him play in the minors, and he looks like he might be fun to watch. Hopefully he’ll add a little bit of excitement to the Mets’ September.
2014 TSR #536 Dilson Herrera
(Last minute note:  I should be careful what I wish for;  in last night’s game, Herrera hit a homer and a triple… and also made two errors)

…and I’ll wrap things up with an “insert”…

The Orioles picked up infielder Kelly Johnson over the weekend, which amused me because I always equate Kelly Johnson with Kelli Johnson, a reporter/anchor for Comcast SportsNet… formerly in the Baltimore/DC area, currently in Houston. I decided that a “Pointless Pairing” was called for.
2014 TSR PP-3 Kelly Kelli Johnson
I know most of you don’t know who Kelli Johnson is, but that’s just too damn bad.


5 thoughts on “I Spent My Long Weekend Making Customs… Doesn’t Everybody?

    • I’ve not done 1982 Donruss before, but I’ve always liked the set. I’ll give it a shot, but I’ll warn you… The levels of craziness in my life is starting to ramp up a bit, so I may not get a chance to do these for another week or three.

      • Take your time. I’ve absolutely no doubt that they will turn out great, just like everything else you do!

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