A Team Set For The NFL Kickoff: 2012 Panini Gridiron Steelers

Nearly two years ago, somebody I don’t remember posted some 2012 Panini Gridiron cards, and I was so taken by the cards that I bought my own pack and wrote about it. Then, this past spring, I went on COMC and bought a Steelers team set one by one.

James Harrison is about to make some introductions.  “Curtis Painter, I’d like you to meet the turf.  Turf, Curtis Painter.  You two get acquainted, I’ll be right over here.”
2013 Panini Gridiron James Harrison

After all this time, whenever I see Mike Wallace’s name,  I still think “I’m Mike Wallace… and I’m Morley Safer…”
2013 Panini Gridiron Mike Wallace

Rashard Mendenhall eludes the grasp of what I believe to be Rob Ninkovich.  There are a few cards with photos from what I’d assume is the 10/30/11 game against the Patriots.  The Steelers won, 25-17.
2013 Panini Gridiron Rashard Mendenhall

Wow, pro-football-reference.com is as much fun as baseball-reference.com, because now I know that this card…
2013 Panini Gridiron Troy Polamalu
…features one of two possible plays:
1)  With time running out in the first half, Kevin Faulk ran 9 yards and was tackled by Troy Polamalu.  This play set up a 46 yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal, making the score 17-10 Pittsburgh.
2)  In the third quarter, Tom Brady threw a one-yard pass to Faulk, who was again tackled by Polamalu.  On this drive, Gostkowski’s 42-yard FG attempt failed.
…features Wes Welker getting tackled after an 8-yard reception in the 4th quarter. I thought it was #33 Kevin Faulk when it’s obviously #83 Wes Welker. Thanks to Shane Diaz for setting me straight.

Antonio Brown eluding some Giants.
2013 Panini Gridiron Antonio Brown
They might be giants!  They might be giants!  They might be brain, they might be washed, they might be Dr. Spock’s backup band…

Hey, Roethlisberger is vertical!  Quick, take a picture!
2013 Panini Gridiron Ben Roethlisberger

The third photo involving the Patriots game.  Heath Miller made 7 receptions for 85 yards, and made a tackle following an interception.  HEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH!!!
2013 Panini Gridiron Heath Miller

Naturally, now that I’ve got the entire team set from 2012, it occurred to me that I didn’t remember hearing about these cards in 2013… and that’s because they didn’t bring the set back. Ain’t that always the way. I like a restaurant, it closes. I like a TV show, it gets canceled. I discover a band, they break up. I find a nice card set, it gets discontinued. Oh, well, I should be concentrating on my baseball collection anyway.


6 thoughts on “A Team Set For The NFL Kickoff: 2012 Panini Gridiron Steelers

    • It’s not so much the design that I like about these, it’s the photography.

      I, myself, have been getting more into hockey cards than football cards lately, even though I have not followed the NHL since before the lockout.

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