…And That’s When My Inner Mom Said “Don’t Waste Your Money On That, We’ve Got Police Sets At Home!”

I had another lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong week at work, and I decided on Friday that I was due some sort of reward for my pain and suffering. I had intended to stop by Target on the way home, but that’s when my Inner Mom spoke up.

I suppose one could call it “The Voice Of Reason”, but my voice tends to see through my excuses and throws in a dollop of guilt, so I consider it more my “Inner Mom”.

And Inner Mom was right… There was no reason to buy anything because I had plenty of unopened and un-perused material sitting on my dining room table. (We don’t entertain much, can you guess?)

Because an August Night Owl post about Dodger Police Sets reignited my interest in such sets, when I got home I grabbed a 1991 Dodgers Police Set that I’ve had for a couple of years. This is one of three Police sets I bought from a dealer with a “All items $1” table, and I bought all three as an attempt to pick up some cheap oddballs.

As a lifelong Mets fan, what drew me to the 1991 Dodger set (other than the general “30 oddballs for a buck” thing) was the fact that it had a certain Mr. Darryl Strawberry on top.
1991 Dodgers Police Set Darryl Strawberry
Incidentally, my scanner likes to overexpose its subjects, so this card is a shade lighter here than it is in person… and they might be closer to what was originally intended because a lot of the printed cards have dark photos, and the text in the scans is closer to Dodger Blue than what’s on the actual cards.

Darryl may be what sucked me in to this set, but my $1 became well-spent as soon as I saw this lovely Gary Carter card.
1991 Dodgers Police Set Gary Carter
“Come for the Strawberry, stay for the Carter”.

Incidentally, 1991 was Carter’s sole year in Dodger Blue before he went back to Montreal for a victory lap.

…And as long as we’re featuring nice cards of 1991 Dodger catchers, I’ll go ahead and share this beauty as well:
1991 Dodgers Police Set Barry Lyons
Barry Lyons also falls into the category of “ex-Mets”, but the card is here because it’s visually one of the best cards of the set. Barry was pretty much a backup his entire career, but his Dodger career consisted of 12 games and 14 AB’s over the end of the 1990 season and the beginning of 1991.

I might as well finish off the catchers… Here’s that Angels manager guy.
1991 Dodgers Police Set Mike Scioscia
Given how the 2014 Angels have shot past the Athletics and gone from a few games over .500 to the best record in the Majors, I would have to think that Scioscia is in the discussion for A.L. Manager Of The Year.

One cannot discuss a 1980’s or 1990’s Dodgers team without bringing up Orel Hershiser… His Cy Young/All-Star days may have been behind him at this point, but he’s still Orel F. Hershiser.
1991 Dodgers Police Set Orel Hershiser
…and he pitched for the Mets in 1999, but that’s not why he’s here.

…Just like I’d feature Eddie Murray because he’s Eddie Freakin’ Murray, and not because he played for the Mets in 1992 and 1993.
1991 Dodgers Police Set Eddie Murray
BTW, this is a good example of the dark photos that plague much of this set.

Brett Butler lead the league in numerous categories in 1991, including Runs and Walks. He was also an All-Star and got some MVP votes.
1991 Dodgers Police Set Brett Butler
Psst, he played for the Mets in 1995…

John Candalaria had a fine career, but maybe not up to the expectations from 1977 when he lead the league in ERA as a 23-year-old.
1991 Dodgers Police Set John Candelaria
…and he had three starts for the Mets in 1995.

What the heck, if any Mets fans are interested in this set by now, it also features Lenny Harris, Bob Ojeda, Juan (spit on the ground every time his name gets mentioned) Samuel, Dennis Cook and Jose Offerman.

What better way to wrap up this post than by sharing the “Coaches”, including my close personal friend Tommy Lasorda along with Bill Russell, Joe Almalfitano, Manny Mota, Ron Perranoski, Ben Hines, Mark Cresse and Joe Ferguson.

1991 Dodgers Police Set Coaches

OK, Tommy Lasorda and I are not exactly friends, but we hung out together… Well, it was more like he walked past me at the 2012 National

Lasorda at National


One thought on “…And That’s When My Inner Mom Said “Don’t Waste Your Money On That, We’ve Got Police Sets At Home!”

  1. $1? That’s a heck of a steal. I have a couple cards from the Brewers police sets, but I have yet to find anything from the Dodger ones.

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