2014 TSR: Introducing A New Multi-level Parallel Set Featuring “Elvis Andrus At Arby’s”

Today’s custom cards were inspired by 1967ers over at Diamond Cuts And Wax Stains!

…So it’s him that you should give a hearty pat on the back (or pull to the side and whisper “Don’t encourage him!” into his ear).

Back in April I’d written a post about how, when I take over the operations of Topps, we will no longer use fake clouds as a background.  As an example of better ways of doing things, I provided this custom of Elvis Andrus, which actually was made up of a “Photo Day” photo of Andrus and a background from some forgotten Spring Training ballpark.

2014 TSR #115 Elvis Andrus

In the comments for this post, Mr. 1967ers said, “I like it. It also opens the door to fun variations of ‘Elvis Andrus standing in front of different things’, such as, I dunno, the local Arby’s or something.”

The thought of a parallel featuring Elvis Andrus standing in front of an Arby’s was too much for me to resist… for a while, until I got distracted… But once I was reminded of it again, I could not resist!

So, behold!  The first of the “Standing in front of different things” parallel set:
2014 TSR #115-A Elvis Andrus Arby's
For the record, that is an actual Arby’s in Fort Worth, Texas.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there!

There’s also a short-printed parallel of Elvis Andrus at the DMV…
2014 TSR #115-D Elvis Andrus DMV

…and a super-short-printed parallel of…


2014 TSR #115-S Elvis Andrus in space

If there’s anyplace else you’d like to see Elvis Andrus, leave a comment and we’ll see if we can’t convince the TSR Production Department to crank out more parallels!

8 thoughts on “2014 TSR: Introducing A New Multi-level Parallel Set Featuring “Elvis Andrus At Arby’s”

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