Madden 15 / Happy Meal Toys, Plus Some Idle Musings…

The other day I went through the McDonald’s drive through looking for a light repast, when I remembered that the current “boys” Happy Meal prize is a pair of NFL figures promoting the Madden 15 video game.  With that in mind, I got a Happy Meal and then, before eating, drove out of sight of Mickey D’s so they wouldn’t see that the “boy” in question is the chronologically-well-past-childhood guy who made the purchase.  I doubt they care, but what can I say, I’m prone to embarrassment.

Here are the two figures I got…
2014 McD Madden Toys 1

Not too shabby as far as this type of thing goes.  As you can see, it comes with a little sheet of stickers so you can put custom numbers on your little guys, and decorate their helmet (or whatever else might strike the youth’s fancy) with the appropriate logo. The back of the sticker sheet does tell you where to place the helmet logos… although I notice it doesn’t tell you which helmet gets which logo.

Advanced warning: These stickers are TINY and shouldn’t be attempted by the little ones towards which these toys are ostensibly targeted.
2014 McD Madden Toys 2
I did OK on the helmets, but futzed up the numbers. After I was done with the Viking, I muttered “Aw, crap!” when I realized I put the number 1 upside down.

Since that subject isn’t, by itself, much of a post, I’ll augment it with some other idle ramblings which, by themselves, would also not make much of a post.

A little while ago I was in an Apple Store idly looking at iPads when I had a thought… As the floor models in the Apple Store are hooked into the wi-fi, I was tempted to pull up my own blog and then put the iPad back in the display for someone else to discover. I ended up chickening out, but I can’t believe that other people haven’t done something similar.  C’mon, admit it, who’s done this?

…Or, perhaps more importantly, who’s going to do this the next time they’re in an Apple store?

Changing directions one more time…

Every so often Target sends us coupons in the mail, and many of the coupons are along the lines of “Remember that pack of Doublemint gum you bought 9 months ago?  Wasn’t that a great pack of gum?  Here, why don’t you use this coupon and buy 3 more?!?”  …but I never get a coupon like that for baseball cards.   My card buying is significantly down from last year, so you think that this would get flagged in their database.  Still, no baseball card coupons are forthcoming.  Perhaps it requires that Target’s vendors (i.e. Topps) be fiscally involved in some way.


6 thoughts on “Madden 15 / Happy Meal Toys, Plus Some Idle Musings…

  1. I like your iPad idea, free advertising! I’ve considered getting their debit card to get 5 percent off my purchases, but given their history with customers’ personal financial data I’m not sure it’s worth it to save a buck a blaster…

  2. If I understand correctly, *Target* doesn’t actually sell baseball cards. The card aisle is stocked & maintained by a separate distributor. (Ever try to look up something with a price scanner? Not in the computer.)

    Combine that with Topps & Panini’s seeiming indifference to coupons, and I wouldn’t really expect any to show up in the mail.

    • Interesting. I knew that a separate distributor maintained the shelves, but I didn’t think about how that might shake out in terms of who you’re really buying from. I want to say that I’ve scanned for a price on a blaster before, but I can’t say for sure.

      At any rate, it was more idle kvetching than anything.

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