Are We Not Stars…? 1970 Angels Rookie Stars

…In which we address the age-old question, “Who are these guys?”
1970 Topps Angels Rookies Washburn Wolf

Greg Washburn is from Coal City, IL. Although he was a first-round draft pick and pitched in the Angels organization from 1967 to 1973, his Major League experience consisted of 8 games (and 11.1 innings) in 1969.  I could find references to being plagued with arm injuries, but no specifics.  This is his rookie card, and I believe his only card.

Wally Wolf was on the University of Southern California team which won the College World Series in 1961, and he pitched in 6 Major League games, 4 of which came after this card.  This photo is one that Topps had already used on a 1963 Rookie Pitchers card… His hat is blacked out here because it’s a Colt .45’s hat.

Wally Wolf is arguably not the most famous Wally Wolf to attend USC;  Wallace Perry Wolf, Jr. was a swimmer who competed in 4 different Olympics and won gold as part of a freestyle relay team.


2 thoughts on “Are We Not Stars…? 1970 Angels Rookie Stars

  1. ’63 rookie card and than a ’70 rookie card. I know some bloggers have done the research because I’ve seen it some place but I wonder what the record is for elapsed sets between rookie card appearances.

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