Belated Rated — My Top 10 2014 Topps Cards

“Never put off ’till tomorrow what can be put off for several months” – Joe Shlabotnik

If I ever make any comments about having nothing to write about, you all have my permission to reach out and virtually smack me upside the head.

I have a bunch of largely-written posts without images.  I have a bunch of images without the writing.  I have a bunch of ideas without text or images.  The main thing in my way is the time and attention span to follow through on them.

This had been one of those “images waiting for text” posts.  I could say that I was waiting until everyone could approach this set with a cleansed palate, fully able to reconsider the cards that they’d moved on from months ago… but that would be a lie.  I just didn’t get to it.

2014 Topps will not go down in the books as a classic set – I don’t think I’ll get much of an argument on that point.  Aside from the too-much-going-on “seasick” design, the cards suffer from Getty-itis… Too much reliance on Getty Images or whichever other photo agencies they use to get the images used on the cards.

Unless one of the rookies in this set becomes a megasuperstar and his rookie card comes to define this set, I have to say that Coco Crisp will go down as “The card people think of when you mention 2014 Topps”.
2014 Topps Coco Crisp
…if only because this card has more personality than almost every other card in the set.

The card I’d have to rank second belongs to Mr. Albert Pujols:
2014 Topps Albert Pujols
The reasons I like this card are more about composition than anything else.  With the Angels logo on the dugout wall behind him, this almost looks like a 1990’s Studio card… and that’s a good thing.  Throw in Pujols’ “preparing for battle” expression, and you’ve got a nice card.

Without getting into a ranking, here are the remaining 8 cards in my top ten;  they’re all tied for 3rd, 4th or 5th in some way or another, and are presented in the order that WordPress decided on when I uploaded them all simultaneously:

Jose Altuve and Mike Trout, two of my favorite young players, in the same action shot. What’s not to like?
2014 Topps Jose Altuve

Here’s another candidate in the “composition” class. There are numerous “high five” cards taken from slightly above; this one gives us a cool shot from slightly under eye level.
2014 Topps Josh Reddick

Just a nice action shot… Does anybody know who the Phillie is?
2014 Topps Russell Martin

There are a couple of “robbing a homer” shots in this set, but this one has the most immediacy, plus I like to look at the expressions on the individual people in the crowd.
2014 Topps Shane Victorino
Shane Victorino IS the “Flyin’ Hawaiian”.

Another nice play-at-the-plate shot taken at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park… I wonder if it’s the same photographer as on the Russell Martin card.
2014 Topps Travis Snider

Like with the “robbing a homer” shots, there were numerous shots taken from angles similar to this one, but this is my favorite. Not sure why, maybe it’s because you’ve got the catcher, Garcia, the runner on third and then the umpire all going down the third base line.
2014 Topps Avisail Garcia

A nice shot of Joel Hanrahan relating to the fans.
2014 Topps Joel Hanrahan
Whenever there’s a image that has “BOSTON” upside down, backwards or a mirror-image (like on the pennant in this photo), John Cleese is in my head saying “It’s not a bloody palindrome! A palindrome of ‘Boston’ would be ‘Notsob’.  It don’t work!”

Another cool action shot, made better by Danks’  “Isn’t this fun!” expression.
2014 Topps Jordan Danks

It seems kind of pointless to ask “What are your favorite cards from the set?”, since most of you got that out of the way back in July, if not earlier… but feel free to paste a link to your set retrospective, if you like.


5 thoughts on “Belated Rated — My Top 10 2014 Topps Cards

  1. I almost never ACTUALLY complete a set, so had never seen a couple of those before, most notably the Pujols. I agree with you that 2014 isn’t exactly an all-time classic but every one of the cards you showcased are great.

  2. I’m planning on doing a Top 10 list in a few months as well. I don’t think anything can stop Crisp from being #1. 2014 Topps definitely isn’t a classic, but that card is.

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