Pretend I’ve Got A Clever Title To This Post About Another 100-Card Repack

Focusing on the positive is what keeps me coming back for more repacks. The way I look at it is that my $4 gets me 15 minutes of fun plus 10-15 cards that I want… which is more than can be said for, say, a pack of Bowman.

Unless I’m just seriously aching for some kind of fix, I’ll hold off buying anything until I find one that has a card I want on the outside. This time around, I found this lovely 2001 American Pie Bert Blyleven on the back.
2001 Topps American Pie Bert Blyleven
American Pie was kind of a weird set for me… I love the idea of using some unused Topps photographs, but I hated the borders. If they used a less-involved design or reused some oddball designs (like old Bazooka designs) I would’ve been all over these sets.

Here, I’ll stick this photo into one of my older Hot Stove templates and make a proof-of-concept custom.
2014 TSR 12-13 Hot Stove Do-Over Bert Blyleven
This is where you imagine Cindy Wilson of the B-52’s saying “Doesn’t that make it look a whole lot better?”, and then you respond with “What you say?” and Cindy says “I’m just askinnnnnnnnn'”

Aw, crap. I just noticed that I left the team name as “Texas Rangers” from the last time I used this template. Just label that as an uncorrected error.

One thing I enjoy about repacks is that I usually get a fair number of what passed for high-end cards in the 1990’s … Stadium Club, Leaf, O-Pee-Chee Premiere. Even though I was actively collecting at the time, I was too cheap to buy packs of the stuff.  As a result, when I pull these cards out of a repack, I generally end up seeing cards for the first time and going “Oh, isn’t that nice!”

This Randy Johnson is an example of that; maybe not the greatest photo in the world, but still a decent candid shot of The Big Unit wearing the most uninteresting cap in Mariner history.
1992 Stadium Club Randy Johnson

Oh, look! A 1993 Pinnacle Mike Piazza rookie-but-not-rookie! What must this card have sold for twenty years ago?
1993 Pinnacle Mike Piazza

Terry Harper looks sad…
1982 Topps Terry Harper
…Perhaps he invested heavily in 1993 Pinnacle rookies.

Golly! It’s Ferrum College’s very own Billy Wagner. Ferrum has had four alumni play in the majors, which is pretty durn impressive for a Division III school.
1993 Classic Four Sport Billy Wagner
The other three are Eric Owens (who played for 5 teams over 9 years), Daryl Irvine (Red Sox from 1990 to 1992) and Mark Smith (who transferred to American University and pitched 8 games with the 1983 A’s).

There are your highlights of the latest repack… Maybe by the time I open another one, I’ll think of a decent title for the post.

…or just keep randomly quoting New Wave-y dance songs… “With a hippety-hop and a hippety-ho! Who needs to think when your feet just go?”


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