1976 SSPC #112 – Horace Speed (Giants)

I decided to make this SSPC post about Horace Speed because I knew absolutely nothing about Mr. Speed going into this.
1976 SSPC #112 Horace Speed

Horace Speed… Played in three seasons in the Majors; 1975 with the Giants, and 1978-79 with the Indians. Overall, he played 12 seasons of professional baseball. His first professional homer was a grand slam and he was an All-Star in the Pioneer League in 1969 and in the Pacific Coast League in 1975.

His first and last Major League appearances were both pinch-running for the catcher…

In his first appearance, Opening Day of 1975, he pinch ran for catcher Dave Rader in the 9th inning of a scoreless tie. Pitcher Jim Barr – the starting pitcher batting for himself in the 9th inning! – sacrificed Speed over to second, but he would eventually get stranded. The Giants would score two in the top of the 10th to give Barr a 10-inning shutout win. Randy Jones started for the Padres and pitched a scoreless, 9-inning no-decision.

In Speed’s last Major League appearance, June 26th, 1979, he pinch-ran for catcher Cliff Johnson, stole second, moved to third on a groundout and was stranded.

In 1976, Horace Speed… spent the season with the AAA Phoenix Giants. The 1976 Phoenix Giants had one of the cheesiest trucker hats I’ve ever seen worn by a professional baseball player:
1976 Cramer Coca-Cola Phoenix Giants #20 - Horace Speed - Courtesy of COMC.com

Cardboard History: I assumed that the SSPC card was Horace’s only national cardboard appearance, but his 70 games with Cleveland in 1978 got him a card in the 1979 Topps set.
1979 Topps Horace Speed

Shea-o-meter: Many of the photos in 1976 SSPC were taken in Shea Stadium; Every team came through Shea because the Yankees were temporarily playing in Shea while Yankee Stadium was being renovated. “Can two Major League teams share a ballpark without driving each other crazy?”

There’s not a lot to work with in the background, so I’ll go with “Pretty Sure It’s Shea”.
Shea: 46
Pretty sure it’s Shea: 8
Can’t tell: 10
Not Shea: 6

1976 SSPC #112 Horace Speed back


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