The 2014 Heritage Ichiro That Never Was

Ichiro Suzuki is one of two notable baseball players to not have a current contract with Topps. As a result, he didn’t get a card in 2014 Heritage, so Ichiro fans are left wondering what such a card might look like.

I have my own thoughts on the subject…
2014 Schmeritage Ichiro Suzuki

If you came here through an image search – and posts like this draw a fair amount of drive-by hits – I will explain that the image above is a virtual baseball card I made because that’s one of the ways I get my jollies.

Another way I have fun with custom cards is by making cards for my own card set, one which is entirely my own design:
2014 TSR #225 Ichiro Suzuki

I should also point out that Mr. Suzuki and/or his agent are the ones who deprived us of real cards, so if they don’t play nice by me, I won’t play nice by him… He get’s his full name here. If you don’t like it, Mr. Suzuki, you can go sign a contract with Topps.



7 thoughts on “The 2014 Heritage Ichiro That Never Was

  1. Quick Ichiro story involving my seven-year-old son . . . He was recently going through his new 2012 Topps set and came across Ichiro’s card. “Why doesn’t this guy have a last name?” he asked. I explained that he just goes by his first name, like Madonna or Prince or Cher. “Who are Madonna and Prince and Cher?” he asked.

    I’m getting old.

  2. I sympathize with ringo73. I work with a bunch of younger people who don’t get any of my references. The cards are great. Ichiro is one of those guys you just have to admire even if you’re not a fan of his teams.

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