Weigh-In #50

Posting a quarterly update on my progress in organizing and purging helps me in a number of ways. It gives me an opportunity to look at the big picture, and helps with both motivation (if I do well) and guilt (if I don’t). I know it’s not the most exciting post, but I’ve added arbitrarily-chosen cards from my collection, and more importantly, you won’t see another post like this until January.

The numbers here reflect changes since July 5th…

Net change in the collection since 7/5/14: -785 (1066 added, 1851 purged)
In terms of quantity, the biggest addition was a 2014 Topps baseball factory set. The biggest subtractions involved purging cards from 1988 Fleer, 1989 Topps, 1990 Fleer and 1991 Line Drive Pre-Rookie.

1971 Topps Dick McAuliffe

Total # of cards purged from the collection to date: 10,430

Net change to the # of cards in the house since 7/5/14: +862 (2195 in, 1333 out)
The general idea is to get the number of cards in the house going down, but I’m not concerned because part of this is timing;  I’ve got a large amount of cards ready to leave the house, and I could’ve waited until after those are gone, but I wanted to stick to the “every quarter” format I’ve fallen in to.

1975 Topps Earl Williams

Total # of cards which have left the house to date: 35,108

Number of individual cards tracked in my Access database: 49,364

1987 Mother's Claudell Washington

Number of cards that make up the sets flagged as completed in my Access database: 17,623

…which means I’ve got at least 66,987 cards in my collection.
2014 Topps Olympics Hilary Knight


2 thoughts on “Weigh-In #50

  1. Don’t blame you for purging 88F, 89T, and 90F baseball. A few months ago, I got rid of a bunch to a buddy through a flea market trade… the rest I donated to Goodwill last year. By the way… I’m totally jealous of your bookkeeping skills. I don’t have a clue how many cards are in my collection. Actually… I’m afraid of knowing the truth.

    • I’ve got so many cards that I’ve yet to start tracking that I’m afraid to know what the actual number is… I fear it’s a lot more than what I’m listing here.

      The number that really scares me is the sum of what I have now with what I’ve gotten rid of.

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