Are We Not Stars…? 1980 Topps Blue Jays Future Stars

…Answering the age-old question, “Who are these guys?”
1980 Topps Jays Future Stars Edge Kelly Wilborn

Claude Lee “Butch” Edge

…was the Brewers’ first round draft pick (6th overall) in 1974.  He rose to AAA by 1976 and was selected in the A.L. Expansion Draft by the Blue Jays.  He got called up in August of 1979 and had nine starts over the remainder of the season, including a complete game 3-2 win over the Orioles on 9/12.

Butch was released by the Jays on 4/2/80 – guess they didn’t see him as a “future star”.

Dale Patrick “Pat” Kelly

…was drafted by the Angels and traded to the Jays in December, 1977.  His MLB career consists of 3 games with the Jays in 1980, but he would continue to play professionally until 1987.  He would play for the Senior League (SPBA) in the late 1980’s.  Kelly is a long-time scout and minor league manager, having most recently managed the Bakersfield Blaze in 2014.

Pat Kelly is the father of Casey Kelly, the Red Sox’ 1st round pick in 2008.  Casey was sent to the Padres in the Adrian Gonzalez trade, pitched 8 games for the Padres, lost the 2013 season to Tommy John and pitched some in the minors in 2014.

Thaddeaus Inglehart “Ted” Wilborn

…Was a Yankees prospect who was lost to the Blue Jays in the 1978 Rule V draft, played 22 games with the Jays in 1979, and was traded back to the Yankees after the 1979 season.  He appeared in 8 games for the Yankees in 1980, and that was his MLB career.. Made it to The Show at 20, finished at 21.  The argument has been made that he was rushed and it screwed up his career.

…Right Back Where I Started From…

Interestingly enough, both Butch Edge and Ted Wilborn played high school baseball in Sacramento, CA… Although I couldn’t find any information on whether they played each other at any point (there’s roughly 2 years between them). Wilborn went to McClatchy HS, which has also produced Larry Bowa, Nick Johnson and Vance Worley. Edge went to El Camino Fundamental HS, which produced Derrek Lee.

Pat Kelly was from California as well, but he was from Santa Maria, CA.  Santa Maria High’s claim to fame is former pitcher Bryn Smith.

Closest to being a star

Pat Kelly is a baseball “lifer”, has the most interesting background, was on more than one Topps card (1979 Blue Jays Prospects) and is the only guy on this card that actually played for the Blue Jays after this card came out…  but in terms of “closest to stardom” I think I’ll go with the guy who was the first round draft pick, a starter for a month and a half, and pitched a complete game — Butch Edge.

2 thoughts on “Are We Not Stars…? 1980 Topps Blue Jays Future Stars

  1. The picture on the card of Butch Edge is NOT Butch Edge- it was a mistake. The guy pictured is Butch Langston. I should know, I was engaged to Butch Edge for two years. Butch Langston was a catcher for the Syracuse Chiefs and briefly the Toronto Blue Jays. Butch Edge’s pitching career never reached it’s expectations, although he probably had the best baseball name ever.

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